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  1. Yea it would be something like Google Voice I guess. Not everyone in Canada, etc has access to an American phone number and IP address though. Yes, there are many of these setups online already but we want to do it just because, I guess. I don't see it ever going commercial, just something to screw around with. And finally, no Asterisk involved, MagicJack, Twinkle and some homemade hax to make them play together nicely.
  2. Plenty of pay phones here. Well, if you count Bell's Millenniums anyways. As far as non-millenniums, or even COCOTS, I know of a whole *1* in this city. Best part about this one is that the residential NID is on the pole about 2 feet above the phone itself. Also, it is the only phone in Windsor that actually rings when you call it.
  3. My friend and I are always looking for the cheapest/most fun way to make a phone call. We are currently using a system that we threw together but we are considering making it public. The system takes 2 phone numbers via txt/email or a web form. From there, it establishes a connection with the first phone number and puts it on hold. It then dials the second number. Once a connection with the second number is established, it conferences the 2 calls together. This system could be used for free calls, masking your real phone number from whoever you call, etc. Right now, it only accepts North American phone numbers. However, if there is enough interest and we manage to get some donations, we will go ahead and purchase International minutes as well. Right now, we aren't sure how much interest there would be in this system so let me know if you would be interested in seeing this going public or even if you think this is just a waste of time. Once we get everything set up on our end, I will post a link here for you guys to use/abuse/re-post elsewhere. -meshif
  4. Hmmmm... either it's not a dead number OR it can't be called from Colorado. In either case, too bad. It can't be called from outside the 519 NPA. Here are a few others that I found. Gonna eventually scan the whole NXX. 519-958-1110 - Milliwatt 519-958-1111 - Milliwatt (These 2 could be a test loop. My cell won't let me call 519-958's anymore so I can't verify this atm.) 519-958-1115 - Goes to a reorder. Every other 519-958-XXXX either goes to a CBCAD or NIS message
  5. 5199582622 - ANAC Still looking for a ringback number tho...
  6. 248

    lol. I'm sure the 248 group would accept me...the people at the bridge are another issue tho...
  7. 248

    Windsor here. Not too sure if i can cross the border tho