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  1. Those videos are a crack up!
  2. :voteyes: Great work! Its awesome to put old things to a new use.
  3. Damn....reading the specs on some peoples' PCs makes me jealous....especially because I've been wanting to build a new PC for quite sometime but due to $$$ reasons I haven't.
  4. Nice! Plane cockpits look so complex. Now I have an urge to go look up what everything does. would be cool to be able to actually fly a plane. Yeah man, Toughbooks are pretty dope. I love that they withstand tons of punishment.
  5. I read somewhere (may be on Yahoo News) that one of the RIAA's tactics to stop music piracy is to have ISPs keep track of music downloads and include a charge for every song downloaded on their subscriber's internet bill.
  6. 760

    I live in San Bernardino. If I have time I'd be down to meet up.
  7. To understand the internet you need to learn computer networking, TCP/IP, and how routers/switches/ etc work. If you want to learn how to script programs then pick a coding language and learn it inside and out; PHP, C#, AJAX, JavaScript, Perl, C, Ruby, VB.Net, Python, etc. For Photoshop I found the video tutorials from Lynda.com to be very helpful especially for some one new to Photoshop. There are also tutorials on Illustrator and Dreamweaver (which is a web design program).
  8. Nope not from the UK I live in California. I just dig that UK show.
  9. Yo! My names 0rb17 0n3(or Orbit One for the non 1337 speaker out there...hahaha). I used to lurk on these boards off and on but decided to create an account once I realized it was worth my time. Plus work isn't challenging and I don't have any technologically savvy friends, so this will help me release some of that pent up energy. And if you haven't already, you should check out the BBC's show THE IT CROWD. oh man its a crack up!
  10. This should help: http://www.tech-faq.com/ibm-thinkpad-bios-password.shtml