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  1. My (dumb) theory as to why cellular analog AMPS was shut down: I am thinking it was to prevent analog-based voice encryption, which could have become prevalent. But it's a dumb theory with no evidence, since the encryption could happen in the headphone before it hits the phone.
  2. This website tries to sell you on background checks. It seems to be information culled from public information and directories but it's still useful as it's quite accurate. It had my home telephone number that was disconnected dead 20 years ago Their website's search function is a sales gimmick, I recommend doing a google "query" search. It's also good to see who lives around apartment or previously lived in your house: Edit: After looking into my own profile and my dad's, I realized that it gets it's information from credit reports! My dad never lived at two of the addresses listed for him, but I remember creditors calling us and sending us letters at those addresses! Huzzah! Is that a family guy reference? "anyone who says 'a whole nother' will be executed".
  3. I just had this light bulb go off, what about a web crawler bot that crawls the web looking either on the same domain or the same page for phone numbers in the same exchange, something that I do manually as I browse the web for non-phreaking purposes. For example, you're looking at a companies contact page and see their different offices are in the same exchange. I guess the devil would be in the details as to how to actually go about the crawling, eg where to start? Perhaps have two different bots, one for crawling google for inurl:contact etc... and one that just starts on random pages, or perhaps at one of those business directories like zoominfo. Or dmoz. Or the yahoo directory (considering it's a paid-only directory now, it would likely lead to more businesses). Or as a start, to test the waters so to speak, just point it at specific preselected domains. Also it seems like certain industries always use toll-free numbers which negates all of this (eg I've never found blocks of toll-free numbers from the same company together through wardialing. There's 800-alltel1 800-alltel2 etc... but I already knew those). Obviously searching for 'areacode-001' 'areacode-002' etc... would be a shortcut but it wouldn't find the numbers listed as areacode001 and wouldn't find every instance of areacode.001 but would find some. Anyone ever thought about this?
  4. Interesting, I'll have to look for that. Is there a certain type of phonebook brand that has this? Eg: official AT&T/bell books, yellowbook, etc...?
  5. Havoc, Can you explain this a little bit more? I know if an office has multiple DIDs near another one, that's obviously a pbx.
  6. why would the FCC be interested in knowing that goog411 is blocked from payphones? many toll free operators prevent access to there number from payphones, since they have to pay extra for calls made to them from payphones... goog411 is an information service, NOT a telephone service, so it is not the same thing as google voice blocking access to many rural CLEC lines that have high termination costs... because google voice MIGHT be considered a telephone service.. that i believe has yet to be determined.. but i assume that since they do not provide SIP termination that they are not truly providing a telephone service, and merely acting in a similar fashion to a calling card on steroids, since you need phone service from another provider to use GV ah okay, when I posted didn't know that the owner of a toll-free number could block calls from payphones. I have found that goog-411 very recently works on one payphone out of all the ones I've tried it on. I've that when using the GV click-to-call widget the cid came up as the same 650 number that verifies your phones, and also the original voicemail you get from google (650 265-1193). With being able to setup any number as a temporary forwarding number (eg dial your gv number, menu 4, 4, 2) you could attempt to hide yourself by setting your forwarding number to the calling-card number or whatnot and dialing through the click-to-call widget. But this has the same effect as skunkworks method, eg they can still see that it's google.
  7. I just realized that it's free to signup for international long distance with Net10. Apparently they use VOIP on their end from Auris Technology. The first thing that clued me in on voip was the limited number of countries. Here's the info pasted from their site in case the link changes or goes down, (Also the bolded text below is another hint at their voip usage, imho. anyone else dial internationally? do you have similar outages?) I imagine someone enterprising enough could change their caller-id to that of a Nokia Net10 phone (assuming they signed up for ILD, or you hacked their account). Simply changing your Caller-id with spoofcard, telespoof, etc... wouldn't be enough because when dialing toll-free numbers it's impossible to block your caller-id with *67 (don't believe me? try blocking your number from 800-279-5032). Or maybe I'm just talking out of my ass and way out of my league, spouting off nonsense.
  8. I stumbled onto this oddity while reading through a LIFE Magazine from 1970.
  9. yeah, heh. you should probably sell them on eBay. I haven't seen a 'generic' firmware for the 300g so they probably can't be reprogrammed for another network. They must have been manufactured purely for Net10. Something I wonder about these phones, is it possible to dump the sms messages off of them without being charged? I know they are stored on the phone, and you don't get charged until you read it. I should get one of those nokia usb cables and see if wammu can read them. Another thing, I noticed I could dial international long distance without having to sign up first jackpot
  10. FWIW, most payphone block 800-goog-411. I'm betting the FCC would be interested in knowing that. Anyone know a good toll-free service which I can forward point at my Google Voice number? I use around 30 hours/1800 minutes a month on the phone in my business.
  11. Eventually we should use the old network only for emergency calls, just like they were supposed to do with the old analog tv spectrum. And it will be no cost.
  12. I'm trying to imagine a unified database that would prevent me having to scan exchanges that others have scanned 10s or 100s of times, and are being shared. Even better, it could have a wiki-type format, or some way where people could manually add an update or comment to a previously scanned number. Sort of like But that goes against the hacker ideals of discovering on your own. I suppose that's why no one has done it yet. BTW, what's the most number of rings that you've discovered something interesting? Some people say wait until 5, 7, or even 12. are they thinking that most people wait two or three rings, eg security through obscurity by having it answer after so many extra rings? Back to the commercial world, I think there's a need for a customer/tech/etc... support website for toll-free or direct dial numbers for the most large corporations. Sometimes the numbers are hard to find on their websites. Anyone else think something like that would be useful?
  13. As I read in "exchange scanning part 2" by decoder, I thought bell's mind would become a database where people could upload their scans to be combined into a universal scan database. What happened to those plans?
  14. Anyone know of a web service where I can punch in a telephone number and the web site can guess what type of carrier noise it is? Eg, fax or modem? Is it possible to guess based on the sound? If there isn't, to whomever wants to build this, it might be an easy way to get cool numbers!
  15. All wardialers support prefix and suffix dialing, right?
  16. AT&T is pure evil. I called 1-800-goog-411 on my girlfriends phone and her parents got a bunch of 411 charges. BTW, goog-411 works from payphones.
  17. This number called me asking for someone else, I assume it's a collections agency looking for the last person who had my number, as they've called me a couple of times. When you dial it gives you a code and then your phone number. +1 800 279 5032 While we're on the subject, is there anything like this that can give the switch a certain toll free number is on? Or are all toll free numbers just forwards to a number in a real area code? While I was googling this number I found this site, it's a wiki for telephone numbers. Might be a good idea for a phreaking resource. I don't have the time personally to build something like it in english, b/c I have a girlfriend. I no longer have a girlfriend, so who knows? I might get around to it.
  18. I patched the THC-Scan Pascal code one time so that it never ever makes a noise. It was quite useful for wardialing at night! Now I might just have to hook it up to my google voice line, hmmmm.
  19. All Turbo Pascal EXE files need to be patched on pentium 200 mhz or faster machines. I patched the THC-Scan Pascal code so that it never ever makes a noise. It was a requirement for wardialing at night! Now I might just hook it up to my google voice line ==>> With long distance gone forever wardialing seems like it could be fun again. I remember the old days of dialing only within my area code and the toll free ones. I scanned the 800-com and 800-dig exchanges, thinking I'd find some computer companies in there. Does Tone-loc support random number scanning? Also the WarVox VOIP wardialer supposedly makes short work out of wardialing a huge lists of numbers. Dialing 1000's of number had to have put all of us on some gov't watchlist, didn't it? I haven't been on an airplane since I was eight so who knows?
  20. How is cellular traffic 'sniffed'? Do the guys who are doing this building their own radios? Disclaimers: this question is purely curiosity, and I'm not doing or planning on doing illegal things. I even think that selling software radios should not be outlawed, even though the government is trying to do this.
  21. I can hear the murmurs already, it's not research, you aren't learning anything, yada yada yada. I just need some tips using thc hydra for hacking yahoo webmail. Through TOR naturally. When logging in the password is sent in the post url: POST /config/login_verify2? .src=ym&.tries=1&
  22. alright alright
  23. This brings up something I've thought about before, how do you automate the input of dictionary passwords into this? You'd need to have a program running on another computer that reads what is on the screen (eg: is it saying "password incorrect" or something else) almost like ocr but a lot less advanced since there's only three possible things the bios lock says, some way to power cycle the machine when it stops at three guesses, convert the password to ascii and send it out from the serial port to the ps/2, wire up the serial pinouts to the ps/2 mini din, not necessarily in that order. This is all hypothetically speaking, since it's must easier to just buy the password reader chip.