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  1. Nope, got the AMD ones though
  2. When I was in jail, there was this phone that had the earpeice and mic mounted to the phone itself (think of a paypone when an ear and mouth hole, no actual hand thing) To keep the phone off the hook you had to hold this red button (as soon as you let go, you hung up) As soon as you pushed it, the phone dialed out to some sort of county/city collect-call thing... from there you dial the number Funny thing is I got "Invalid Number" whenever I tried to make my phonecall... because of that I wasnt able to get ahold of my family or anything Bad times, yet good times
  3. I'm so tempted to buy that lineman's phone...
  4. Those kid's parents were working at their second job so they can eat dinner that night....
  5. I have a dreamcast, and I love it. Thanks for the info, I'll have to put it to good use one of these days. It's funny because I've heard of people reverse engineering Gameboys to run apache hehehe. I think i may have ever heard about apache being run on a DC (which may or may not be in one of the links, I haven't checked them all out yet). Good times, consoles are fun, maybe I'll pick up one of the newer three sometimes Probably not though, hehe
  6. First off, do you know what a script kiddie is? From my understanding, these TK people actually wrote their own viruses.... so, by definition they are not script kiddies. Second of all, that Lamo guy is DEFINATELY not a kiddie. He knows his shit. If you have ever heard him talk you would know this guy was a reasonable/decent human being, not some black hat hacker punk who did the shit he did to be accepted by his peers. "I am only 15 and i ain't that freaken stupid or think that stupidly." Heh... Oh, by the way... does the name 0x65destroyer make you smart?
  7. What I really loved about this story was how it transformed from a "RIAA IS THE DEVIL AND SUING A POOR LITTLE GIRL!" type story into "The RIAA has forgiven the little princess of her sins after pointing their finger and saying 'BAD GIRL!' in a loving yet stern tone.' When will people wake the fuck up
  8. http://www.negativland.com/albini.html Read that please.... it's fucked up to say the least.
  9. This makes me ill... I literally want to vomit when I heard this story. Sure, the girl knows right from wrong... but just because it's against the law to do something doesn't mean its wrong. If over 100 million people are breaking a law, there's something wrong with the law, not the people. Good work RIAA, let's attack a poor (I mean financially) girl. The only thing missing from this story was that she wasn't in a wheelchair. What somebody needs to do is this: -Make a list of who got what percentage of that 2000$ The people on the list can then feel better for themselves knowing they took away this little girl's future college tuition because she broke the law by loving her favorite artists too much. Good fucking job, RIAA I can't wait until they sue a deaf man.
  10. In my opnion, you should not punish someone based on the fact that it may deter others from committing the same crime. "Trying to set an example" only fuels the ingornace of the masses whom honestly believe people like Mitnick deserved 4 years without a trial. Deterence is merely a by-product of punishment, it should never be a reason to punish somebody more severely. The punishment should fit the crime, not set an example. People most of the time don't think of the consequences before committing a crime, or if they do, just don't care. So, the argument harsher penalities will eventually lead to lower crime rate is idiotic. How many of you have honestly thought about what COULD happen if you got caught downloading a movie or a game online? Isn't it up to like 5 years in jail? I bet that doesn't stop you... Up to 10 years in jail plus a fine for writing a virus is insane. What if he gets sent to that tough prison where Bernie S. (I believe that was his name) was. Does somebody that has an intricate knowledge of computers/telecommunications really deserve to get butt fucked by Butch? No.. (About viruses/worms/Blaster)"It harms persons, it harms individuals, it harms businesses. We will investigate, track down and prosecute cyberhackers." -McKay How does it HARM persons/individuals? Does the worm give them some sort of STD? (knoppix-STD perhaps? ) It seems as if the people in the government are: 1) Really fucking stupid, and spreading that stupidity through the media 2) Know the truth, but attempt to spread fear into the public so 10 years for writting a virus seems just in the eyes of Americans. Who the hell knows... maybe he whole-heartedly believes what he says.
  11. I just moved to college this past weekend, and I must say I am truly amazed. There is so much to do.. I can't wait to tinker with all the stuff they have here... Any suggestions.. Go Purdue!
  12. Well, my laptop is just a normal P4 processor... so that means it gets hot as hell. Once it gets to 90 degrees C, it shuts off. (And it gets there a lot more often than you probably think). To help cool this mofo I have this giant fan that I let blow air on while the comp works hard I wanna know if theres a way to make this thing cooler? It idles at around 50-60 degrees C for christ sake. Can I use ACPI to lower the processor speed or something?
  13. just read my post, bad grammar... oof
  14. Heh, parents All my life my parents have been saying "when you're 18 and move out of the house you can do whatever you want" Well, basically to spite them, I just turned 18 recently (and am leaving for college in 3 weeks)... so I dyed my hair bright red damn the man!
  15. I really have no idea how to install this sucker... can anyone give me a step by step or something?