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  1. Nice! Where do we sign up to play? Furthermore, I was thinking of doing something similar for my university's computer science students, but I can't figure out what would be best inbetween a king of the hill format, or monthly/biweekly types of challenges, with different distros and varying difficulties.
  2. Well he's using sharelive, one of those content managing system I suppose. A quick inspection of the code shows me that require_once('exetime.obj'); is not met and that you should make sure that you setup your config file with the proper mysql connection information (user name and password). You might want to check your error log for php, or set it to display errors on screen while you debug. Catch me on irc if you want more.
  3. Personally, I would recommend perl for the quick hackjobs. It is unsurpassed when you need something done on the fly. Pretty much is a must have. However, do not discard the other languages, as they all have their advantages. Php/mysql is a great way to make quick money. I have been working on content management system for quite a bit using rudimentary knowledge and earning quite some nice bucks while still studying. Asm is enlightening as far as computer science goes, and it can help you understand a bit more how to optimize your code (or ad din asm snippets). Also useful for reverse engineering. I really enjoyed my asm reverse engineering class in university.
  4. Think I am kinda late, but I believe you could have just swapped the collumns around using the alter table command in mysql. ALTER [iGNORE] TABLE tbl_name MODIFY [COLUMN] column_definition [FIRST | AFTER col_name] might have been helpful
  5. Oh my, that sure was good! And you did the footage with just a digital camera? I'm extremely impressed, and man.. if I could muster enough material, I'd love to take a stab at trying that out too ^^. Great fast paced content, good general tips, good visuals. Was a shock for me to see Ottawa (good ol rideau mall), one does not see a lot of eastern canadian people in the scene! I'll be in Montreal next year myself. So yeah, thumbs up, great show! I thought you were older though hehe . Oh, and it amuses me incredibly that you managed with a cheap digicam to do so much better than The Broken.
  6. Very cute look, but well I agree that it's a bit of a rip-off. The point with the forum description I think was that it didn't show as you guys putting some actual effort into it, but rather just setting up a quick forum to mirror another just so you can say you have a hacker site . Redistribution of knowledge is good but don't be lazy, get involved!
  7. Well, technically you can use telnet to view pages You need to fire up telnet with the right port (most of the time 80). The server will then wait for your input. In that case, you usually request a document with GET. It's not that useful, but it can be pretty handy when you are looking for some extra information about a network (I did need to do that for one of my papers once). As an example, my unupdated test server will happily welcome you with Server: Apache-AdvancedExtranetServer/2.0.48 (Mandrake Linux/6.8.100mdk) mod_perl/1.99_11 Perl/v5.8.3 mod_ssl/2.0.48 OpenSSL/0.9.7c PHP/4.3.4 when you connect to it . Here's the first thing google barfed up about the subject http://www.dgate.org/~brg/bvtelnet80/ . Check it out
  8. Addict too And anyone who doesn't know where the quote comes from in the first post has it's brain in it's ass ;P
  9. Great article. There's a little bit that sounds weird to me though, but don't take my word for it, I am french. The way you write "there is another option however:" seems to suggest that you are going to name/introduce your solution, rather than explain it. So the flow of the article seems slightly weird there. Just saying, might be just me being weird
  10. Well, I have not yet seen your flash presentations since I had a problem with sound and flash for a while, but I'll be sure to do so soon. However, as far as presentations go, the only thing I could say is that interaction has always been a key to teaching things. Basically, you have to make sure your audience understands, by using very simple examples (humorous analogies work best, to keep your audience awake as well). Try to relax, and explain theses things as simple as you can by making parrallels with things those guys would be familiar/interested in. I know it's not much advice, but so far it's been my key to keeping my audiences awake
  11. You said you were looking for a tool to run under windows, did you also wish for it to only target windows machine?
  12. Side note, Black Ice was/is a firewall . BO is pretty old too, was it that tool made by the cdc?
  13. Hmm let's see.. I got a bit bored tonight and sketched some stuff quickly (had to work on a contract afterwards, yargh!). Very sketchy and uber blurry (too much coffee makes crappy mouse drawings). Ah well, at least it's sortof a concept. Oh btw, you can find your other logo by searching for "penguin" in google image search. That might help you out to find the original guy I guess.
  14. I think he meant more along the lines that it is considered hacking by some people. Basically, "hack" and all it's derivatives have too many different connotations. Therefore DoS'ing and the like are hacking, according to some people. Just saying, I think he just meant that debating what is and is not hacking is somewhat useless, considering the widely different interpretations of the terms.
  15. Well, as far as I am concerned, the definition of hacker to me is more akin to the "tinkerer" definition that was just given in the previous post. Learn science, get as much knowledge as possible and do research, but try to discover new things in the already written theory; use that theory to find new ways to make things behave differently. Basically, to me being a hacker is about learning how things work, but being a bit of a rebel towards the theory by simply poking and exploring outside of the well-paved road. Therefore, I believe it is entierly possible to be a chemistry hacker, a physics hacker, a telecommunication hacker, and so on. It's about finding hacks; finding how things can behave in unexpected manners (which can be good or bad) by using your grasp of aquired knowledge as much as your creativity. That's just my two cents however, and I could be totally wrong, I am rather new to what some people could refer as the scene.