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  1. the disk will be ok as long as the foil side is not scratched, if it is no more GTA for u I still want my old tiberian sun NOD disk to work
  2. dude just get over it, the govenment will not brake up microsoft, my guess is that Gates helps 'finance' some govenment officals, if Microsoft get broken up, someone's kid aint gettn his college money Just totaly igonore micrsoft and just do the country a favour, install linux on every windoze box you come across
  3. OK thanks guys, time to go do some coding.... this could take a while.. anyone know any good books on programing while i'm at it?
  4. I know this is gonna make me sound like a total noob, but to be honest i dont care as long as i learn something! All of the text files, faqs ect. tell you what to do to footprint, and port scan a pc but not ONE of them tells you how to connect to them! eg. a linux machine to a xp machine, all i can do is scan the box i have spesificly set up for me to test but i have no idea what to do after that, for anyone who even bothers to answer this pile of noobishness, ta. Cheers sLice
  5. gw, want a cookie now?
  6. Another program that works well is a program called, 'languard' you can reboot any pc you want remotely, you have the choice to send a warning message but you dont have to if you dont want to, the best part is that you dont even need admin rights to shutdown the pc
  7. Google will have to do alot to earn my trust so they can be my ISP, i've been with ozemail for bout 4 years now, and i've not even had any problems at all over the years, lets see google match that!
  8. lol got a big enough list there? My handle came up with this: MMM Pizza
  9. But how long is it till google does a microsoft and starts peering into everything out do, (i'm not sure they do this already, but I sure as hell don't trust them)
  10. mmmm I cant wait for it to come out, I finnaly wont have to get out my 10m lan cable when i want to trasfer huge files to my laptop, cause right now, 54mb/sec takes a bit too long to move 2gb of stuff.
  11. How can you even THINK of sympithying with spammers, they are the scum of the earth, everything the internet has ever created they have destroyed. How long until they learn mind control and spam our brains with V1@gra advertisements?!?! Let there be a seperate place in the darkest pit of hell for these spammers! :mumble:
  12. I recently tried breacking into my own wirless network to test its security, this was when i can across an interesting problem..... When ever i used a series of 5 letters, (e.g. ttttt, or yyyyy) the comp would automaticly connect, is this normal or is there something seriously wrong here?
  13. Screw giving him 8 years, i say give him the chair! Its the onlything that spammers deserve! :blowfuse:
  14. Think of it this way, if the world burned up, the cops would stop giving you trouble
  15. Thats the thing, i dont want exact answers, i want to be able to learn as much as i can by self, as i dont like just being spoon feed info