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  1. Me and a friend would really like to go, considering Bruce Schneier is a confirmed speaker. Sort of derped and didn't realize sales closed on the 1st. Anyone interested in reselling two tickets?
  2. A Saturday night/evening would be best for me as my time zone is -3:30GMT. What are your(/everyones) weekend schedules like? Would work fine for me also
  3. I'm getting in mid day on the 4th (differential equations exam!), speaking on the 7th, and leaving that night. I should be floating around a good bit, in a white/light blue suit and lockheed hat.
  4. Haha, very interesting read. You can call Antarctica for less than $8 a minute!
  5. Pressing * during your voicemail greeting should prompt you for your PIN to access voicemail. It will be interesting to see if they ever make it possible to connect to numbers that aren't supervising. I'd still give them a few months with no ANIFAIL before I call it permanent, they've flip-flopped a good dozen times or so on it now.
  6. Recording is up:
  7. i assume that ANI-F is working for me as well... the MCI and ATT ANAC numbers that i am aware of will not let me call them, they ring at least once, then go busy (this has happened in the past for me as well when i tried to call an ANAC with an ANI-F) how do they determine an inactive GV account - can i just call the numbers from time to time to keep it active or do i need to log into the account? i just got 2 new GV accounts about a week ago that i am not sure what i am doing with yet, one with my last name in the number, and another with 1337 in the number... how often do i need to log in before they deactivate the account? similar thing recently happened with my magicjack account - it has been inactive for about 2 years, but up until recently i was able to log into the account and change the number that it forwarded to (giving me a free inbound number, or allowing me to call numbers blocked from GV by having the MJ forward to the number that i want to call, and then calling that number from my GV account) but calling the number still appears to work... You have to log into the web interface, not just use the phone number. They mark accounts inactive after six months of no logins, and delete them after another three months. Same as gmail, if your gmail goes, so do all your google accounts.
  8. IMO Lamo was in a very tough situation, I can certainly see a lot of problems with what he did, but I really don't think he should be as getting as maligned as he has in public opinion. Obviously snitching is nothing be to be taken lightly (except in the two scenarios Decoder pointed out), but Manning should have known better than to go around telling people about his leaking of classified information. Also you've got to remember that however unlikely, had something Manning leaked gotten someone killed, Lamo would have been in the position of failing to save lives. It's just important to remember how weighty of a decision he was faced with, and how bad the consequences were either way. Edit: 123rd post haha!
  9. As of this morning Google Voice is again ANIFAILING when you dial through voicemail with a privacy bit. The ANIs I've gotten have varied, I tried it twice and got 913 and 417. Afaik the CPN still matches the ANI (meaning the CPN is also three digits), and it is still passing the privacy bit through. I havn't retested the ANI-II, but my guess is it is still set to 00 (POTS) as it always has been. Weird Even weirder, I forgot to log into the web interface on a throwaway account I set up back in october, and despite google having closed the account after nine months of inactivity, the google voice number associated with it still works. Obviously that means your locked out of the web interface for good, but you can still call it to check voicemail, change basic settings and dial out. Google voice has a *lot* of weird quirks to it.
  10. There. I made your text blue so everyone can see what I'm replying to. Swell. Google should've left well enough alone. Damnit. Now I'll have to look for other ways to make non-traceable calls. I would hope/presume that my old GV number still has ANI-F. I'll test it and see and they better not kill it later either. I have 2 invites I can use in my account in my old GV number. I wonder if I can send these 2 to myself in other email accounts and at least pick up 2 more GV numbers that still have ANI-F. I'll have to test this idea. Hope it works out, then I'll have 3 of them. Wait!! Expanding on this idea, will I be able to get even more GV #'s that have ANI-F if I take the new GV numbers I get from my own invites and send myself 2 more invites from each of those new GV accounts? I'll try it - if they haven't killed this invite option in old GV number accounts, I could end with a collection of these things! In other words, with my old GV number I still have 2 invites, so my idea is to use these 2 to send it to myself on other email accounts - this would pick up 2 more invites in each of those 2 GV accounts. Then using those invites, send those to myself and pick up more GV #'s and more invites. Keep this going, I WILL have a collection of these (hopefully) that work like the old GV #'s -nontraceable. That's IF, if, they haven't killed the invite option in these older GV accounts -or if they "plan to", hopefully I can beat it to the punch before it happens. i tried the ANI-F thing with my original GV number.. .there is a thread on here titled something like "op-divert using google voice" that shows when the ANI-F was working and when it was not working... since it is out of beta and now in the public it is my assumption that ANI-F will no longer be making a come back any time soon, with old GC/GV accounts or newer ones... Hard to say, things have been really variable with GV's ANIFAIL. It was failing "fine" a couple weeks ago when I tested it out, I think the ANI was 617 at the time. It seemed to be a few different NPAs with no pattern though, I have no idea how the hell their call routing worked. Of course GV has gone from ANI fails to passing ANI to fails to passing ANI around six or so times over the last year, and despite it being out of beta they are continuing development. So I wouldn't rule out ANI fails coming back in the future. Also all accounts are the same when it comes to routing calls, if one account is getting an ANI fail they all are, and vice-versa. The age or NPA of the accounts or other factors don't seem to matter.
  11. Funny you should say that... Here's a call to two ANACs over MCI's calling card platform after op diverting. I included the second call in here just because it's reaction was a little amusing. I'm a little confused about how Patlife comes into the equation here. They get toll-free service from Global Crossing, and I had no trouble completing a call to them with a fail either. Could it be Google Voice is sending absolutely nothing? Most real ANI fails send the NPA of your call just to ensure the call routes properly. Heh weird the two I was trying (800-444-4444 and 800-437-7950) having been refusing to connect with ANI fails over GV for the last several weeks. I know GV *was* sending 585 as the ANI and same plus privacy bit as the CPN.
  12. I'd be suprised if he does any jail time, let alone more than a year.
  13. I think a lot of the free conf services have started going belly-up due to increased pressure from the FCC. I'm sure a little googling can find you some numbers though.
  14. All of MCI's toll frees recently started rejecting calls with failed ANI. Try an inactive patlife toll free number like 888-253-8239 for ANI readback, it will say the realtime ANI was not transmitted when dialing through GV with CID block. Most toll free calls besides MCI should still connect fine with a failed ANI.
  15. I put it all together voice changing and caller id spoofing it evaluable at You also bumped a nearly four and a half year old thread