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  1. not at all. It just defeats the purpose of *digital* intrusion. If he can't defend his physical location, then his data isn't secure.
  2. Image Magic looks promising, and I'll poke around the GD libraries for PHP. The reason I can't just do this manually is because doing one photo is just proof of concept. Once I've worked out how to do the job, it's going to be moved to video usage. I'm going to be doing a few dozen frames per second with (hopefully) exposure correction, center-of-mass identification, and (combined with the attached accelerometer I'm using) velocity estimation. So, y'know, it's kind of hard to do it by hand. This is less an art project than it is one facet of an engineering project. But while I'm here, supposing I get this up and running, what sort of uses would be fun? I'm thinking robots and pathfinding, but there are all sorts of possibilities.
  3. By one image, I mean I want to take two side-by-side images from two cameras, and place them side-by-side, returning them as a single image. After that, I'm going to try working with overlapping images so that with a great number (16+) of cameras, I can have an overlapping series of shots that will end up organized into a large image. Once I've got that running, it's going to go to video, so that I can (hopefully) have several cameras working to produce a single large moving image.
  4. Okay, I've had this idea for a few months, and I'm coming up dry. I want to take input from a number of cameras and stitch them into a single image. I know there are a lot of technical issues there, from getting the inputs to analyzing the images, but I'll cross those bridges when I come to them. The thing is, I'm coming up cold whenever I try to find out how to handle visual media. Does anyone have a source? I'm looking for basically anything, but for the moment most of my concern is about low-level issues. I think I might actually have to write custom drivers for these cameras. Thoughts?
  5. Well, one of the reasons the thread is up is because Aghaster has limited bandwidth. That said, if we were to use your machines and I, mine, there could be some sort of massive seed-group set up for these rainbow tables, and I could certainly burn those tables to dvd.
  6. I'm going to pick up a reputation as a doubting Thomas if I keep this up, but.... How do we know you aren't full of it? Okay, sure, I'll buy that. But maybe I'm naive, but if your managerial company is denying you access, that smells illegal. If so, take them to court. Now, if they are legally denying you access, you should get a better story. That said, if you have hardware access, unplug from the net for a bit: you should be able to get root pretty easily if it is truly XP based. Cracking the SAMs is a trivial issue: see UBCD4W in a google search. If you're working to access centOS, I think your best bet would be hitting up the centOS boards and digging around for password recovery methods.
  7. Reread johnnymanson's post. Since the app is in beta, it's only available through the website, which is And that should be enough to set you on the path. You don't need to root your phone for. Also, just a side note, I picked up the Droid, and my friend the Eris, and found both of them completely open, no rooting required. Are you sure your phone is locked up?
  8. Link to i2p site seems broken, and the freenet is thin here. I have to wonder if this is legit. A security employee carefully organizes and redacts this information, and then drops it in a public place. There are a few situations that could have ensued. One, it falls into the hands of someone like my father, whose connection to computers is tenuous at best. He would have either opened the files and turned it into the police as lost property, or to someone more tech-savvy to identify. It could have fallen into the hands of some skiddie or other unscrupulous individual or, as it did, those of someone like VeriPhony. The skiddie would have tried to turn the information to his advantage, possibly dropped hints to his friends, and gotten nailed somehow. A more experienced cracker might not have made those rookie mistakes, but I'm not sure I believe this. I'm not sure I believe this because it's too juicy: first, let us assume that this is real. If that is so, then this is an attempt by a lone security programmer to prevent the release of flawed code systems from being released into the wild, despite the actions of his superiors, coworkers, and other people high in the company organization. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Like something you or I would do? I call bullshit, because even idealistic security programmers (we'll call him Heinrich) need to eat. Now, working on th assumption that this is the case, and Heinrich is acting in our best interests, he will be fired, and never work in his current profession again. Why? Because once these files are public, they are *public*, which is to say that internal security at Verifone will be able to locate Heinrich and proceed to blackball him from here 'til judgement day. QED, these files were not dropped by someone who has any intention of eating on Heinrich's dime ever, ever again. That presents a few alternatives: one, Verifone *does* have lousy security, and someone compromised their systems sufficiently to gain access to this data. Two, Heinrich has already been fired over this (or another) issue, and is looking to create, either legitimately (these files are real) or not (they aren't), some kind of furor. Three, Heinrich is an idiot capable of putting together a totally damning battery of evidence, but not able to muster the forethought to make the leap to "I'm going to be totally fucked when this gets out." Four, Heinrich doesn't care about eating, and is willing to sacrifice his career for the truth. Somehow, I find my faith less than full for that last one. None of these make for really compelling scenarios, do they? Let's try again, only now we assume not P. Here, the documents are false. If the documents are false, let's first also assume that VeriPhony is a sock puppet (sorry, man). Now we have some entity undermining the confidence of consumers of Verfone devices. Rule one of making money for your company, is making it easy to *spend* money on your product. So if Verifone cannot be trusted, then there is a concomitant loss of trust in every establishment that uses Verifone product. As a result, Verifone loses money, and so does Wal-Mart, Hannaford Brothers, Irving, Shell, Sears, Macy's, and the list goes on. This sort of revelation might, in fact, cause some sort of mass migration to, say, other providers of POS devices. I don't suppose that Ingenico, the largest terminal provider by units shipped, would benefit in any way by a sudden drop in the trust of its rival? Okay, next idea: VeriPhony is genuine, and this documents set is some kind of honeypot. I don't think there's too much to this idea, really, because this kind of security risk is a PR disaster, even if it only exists in the minds of consumers. Scare them, and they stop giving you money. Final idea: VeriPhony isn't genuine (sorry again), and he's just trolling us. And winning. I realize that I might have started an epic flame war, here, but these all seem like valid points that have to be addressed and verified. More succinctly: pics or it never happened.
  9. import System.weakJokes.*; ... for(int i = 0; i < 1; i++) { System.out.println("Hello, World!"); } ...
  10. I just use the ultimate boot CD for Windows. It's designed for a CD, but the program also had a flash memory button as well. Google UBCD4W, and it's near the top. It has pretty much all of the above named pieces of software, and more besides. I've never run into a hardware issue that I couldn't fix (one way or another) with that one.
  11. Actually, there's a tool in the ultimate boot CD 4 Windows that will take care of this problem for you. Link: Just install this on a USB, boot from CD, and look under password tools. The one you want is "NTPWedit", and just follow its instructions. It takes about thirty seconds to reset any password on the system. -Belatu