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  1. On the same page, 13 cell phones for $10, no reserve! You'll have to arrange shipping, however.
  2. Yeah.. Takedown. Awesome quality movie, but it is such propaganda-ish bullshit. Watch it for a good laugh.
  3. Awesome stuff. Even as a phreaking newbie (no pun intended), the level at which you speak to the audience is perfect. Just be nicer to Doug.
  4. Yeah, if you know the exact size of it, it might make it easier. And watch out for dem viruses.
  5. Well it's been a while, and the computer is still running great. (Debian is my distro of choice, atm) As far as native vs. wine, I'd like to run both. However, I had trouble getting winex to work, so I basically gave up on non-native games. Not to mention the video card in it is a voodoo 3500 which is very poorly supported.. and it sucks (16mb).
  6. Opera, in my opinion, was the best browser after using Netscape, Mozilla (yes, same thing, I know), IE, and various other browsers. However, it crashed often for me, and I simply couldn't take it any more. I have to say one thing: when it started up after crashing, it would take you to the last websites you were viewing. And you could save sessions on exit. Extremely cool. Now I use Mozilla.
  7. It is quite awesome to read through the code for the physics. I got the bittorrent download, and I must say that I am happy with the experience. 33mb that un-rar'd to over 100 mbs. Pretty cool. If you really want it, I got the link directly from a slashdot comment.
  8. Nice. Very nice.
  9. RFA

    The two biggies: phone calls and sexual references =D It is even better when they are combined. I don't want to know what Dual was doing when that little girl picked up the phone last week.
  10. Denon players are arguably the best receivers known to man. My cousin has a high end system, and it sounds fantastic. They get so technical that the cases are designed with metals that make the audio sound better. I've read many articles and reviews, and I must say if I were a millionare, I'd buy this stuff. For the record, $4,299. However, I thought I found one for $10,000 a while ago, maybe the price just went down. Also, their DVD player is one of the best in the industry. I believe it was the only consumer player to earn THX Ultra-certified classification.
  11. I'm sure everyone has seen the comercials and all the We Card propaganda. I was interested in seeing the training video, so I went online. You can actually order all the stickers and shit you want. I'd love to get one of those stickers for my laptop. =) You can also take the course online: I can't find the video online, however.
  12. w00t. New people make the world go round.
  13. Yeah, that is true. If you have dozens of macs running, and something breaks, it would be hard to find the cables and parts at any time of day. Most anything would have to be ordered. Luckally, Apples don't break as often as PCs do. btw: Your sig is spelled wrong. It is "Halon", not "Haylon". =)
  14. w000t. I'm laying up here in my bed, listening to the 40mph winds with 60mph gusts outside, and listening to rfa 81. Very nice. I would go completely open source, but I think I'd rather go halfway with Apple's OS X. Darwin and the ability to install most distros (powerpc) make macs a great tool. I'm personally waiting until I get accepted into the college I want, and then use the educational discount to buy a Powerbook. Macs have it all: Power Unix Backbone Style Ease of use Purrdddyy Awesome media (video, graphical design, etc) capibilities Cheap compared to x86 machines at the same (relative) speed
  15. Awesome episode. I kinda figured that programming would be something like that. I'll probably get more into the hardware aspect with a little asm programming on the side. Oh, and: