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  1. I noticed the link states: and Have you tried with auth_algs=1 ? (even though it says that is open (contradicting itself))
  2. I have a setup with a computer on my home network to tunnel into when i'm at work/out and about. I left the default port as is but changed the router to open a port in a high number (10000+) and have the translate to 22 on my LAN. I also setup a dyndns on my router just in case my router crashes so I always am able to connect in when the public IP changes. As for rate limiting, I am afraid I do not know about this but setting a long, complex password will suffice. (Mine is 20 alphanumeric with special chars (and easy to remember :s))
  3. I think the catch is its hosted by MS. So up to you whether you want your files hosted on their systems. Thats all probably tbh. Its probably quite a good service.
  4. As it seems to be the 'in thing' to copy and paste direct from other sites, here's what Microsoft has to say In summary, the tweak won't give you more bandwidth unless applications currently using QOS are in use (like windows update). So you're best off leaving it alone tbh. link: