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  1. I can possibly offer a ride depending on how fare away from GP you are. I wouldn't mind going in for group tickets either, though. I may be able to hitch a ride with you. then you, me, and schippstrich could get a hotel room since I was planning on going with him earlier, but things started to get difficult. still, there isn't anything definite nailed down yet, but I'll see if I can work it out on my end. As long as you don't mind that I'll be on this "drinking team" regardless of whether it exists...
  2. I want to reference my first post where I prefaced it by saying: no offense to Siren. I wasn't assuming anything about your sex/gender/national origin/or political affiliation. I only thought it was an interesting chain of events to see so many responses to your post in such a short period of time. This lead me to recall past experience playing various MMORPGs where one, as a female character, could more easily petition to veteran characters for money and aid. So no, I wasn't in the mindset at all to question your identity; rather, I wanted to make an observation about a cultural phenomenon catalyzed by your post. It is, after all, the discovery of patterns through which a hacker acquires his/her skills. Exploitation of said patterns is another matter...
  3. Preface: no offense to Siren I was reading this thread, thinking of replying myself, then I had a thought about all of the frequent responses and detailed help. I was reflecting on a very important social engineering skill that I first learned when I used to play a few MMORPGs. Though it's not a feat I could easily pull off, do not women have the upper hand when it comes to getting information? I don mean to assume anything about the intentions behind all of the responders, but I wonder how much urgency was added to the need to reply, simply because Siren (claims to) have b00bz.
  4. I can possibly offer a ride depending on how fare away from GP you are. I wouldn't mind going in for group tickets either, though.
  5. 248

    Detroit here also, though newbish. I wouldn't mind making some friends who aren't just in the same music scene as me XD
  6. I think I agree in a huge way, though, I do tend to side with collective responsibility enthusiasts. Do you think that stupidity is inherent? Or perhaps due to lack of training? In either case, why do we jump to blame the individual? It is a neat social experiment to examine life through this lens: what do people perceive as common sense? Flushing after you use the restroom? Bussing your own table at a restaurant? Knowing simple sums and basic literacy? And why exactly are these things 'common' sense?
  7. o.O or you paid too much attention to your English teacher. "Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I shall not put." ~ Churchill. Style seem familiar? =P
  8. I have been working for a company and connected to their mail server for around 4 months. Because of my position, I generally need constant access to that email account, so I configured my iPhone (please hold the gay jokes) to retrieve the mail, which is through an exchange server. Anywho, as I was saying, I've been using my phone to retrieve the email for nearly 4 months now, only to witness a change today. I was texting or something and a message popped up on my phone to the effect of: "Mail for cannot be retrieved until a passcode is set up on your phone." At first read (which was lax) I thought maybe I had messed with the email password and just needed to reset it. I followed the arrow menu on this message and set up a passcode, only to realize later that the passcode locked my phone as a security feature. I had known about this feature, but never really got around to setting it up, but once I removed it, the message popped up again. I understand the reason such a concern: I wouldn't want any jackass who finds a phone to have access to sensitive emails, but I have two questions, really, about this issue: First, does anyone know the mechanism through which our IT department could lock my phone out of the mail server without a phone passcode? I think mostly I'm concerned with how they know my phone did not have its passcode set up. Second (claiming ignorance), if that mechanism is the result of some kind of penetration, do you think it's an immoral move to be penetrating someone's private property, even just to detect whether I have a passcode set up? P.S. I have since awoken from my illusion of safety and come to appreciate the passcode feature.