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    I broke 10 posts and all I got was this lousy title!
  1. what can i do with an open port? i mean, what to do next?
  2. How does I shot web?

    How does I telnet boxen root?

  3. are you boring?
  4. Ohm rights
  5. i dont know what to say but i'm not Italian i'm israeli. i think that.....
  6. i have found open ports what i need to do now?
  7. i need a software to find open ports someone can help me please?
  8. I concur. Imeddiate ban and deletion. Stupid faggot. "I NEED BOOK TO HAX0R"



    "Fuck you!"

    That is surely a great way to get people to like you on this forum :-/ Btw, why is Drake Anubis listed as a friend of this guy? O_o

  9. I recommend this account for immediate deletion.

  10. so fuck you!!!!
  11. yeah but you dont help me you give me fucking books and you dont know english so fuck you and go away!!! byeeee
  12. so you know what??? FUCK YOU!!! MOTHER FUCKERRR!!!
  13. someone here speaks hebrew? מישהו כאן מדבר עברית? או - or someone here from israel? מישהו כאן מישראל?
  14. Trabaja en el sistema operativo "Windows Vista"?