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  1. I didn't bash him and I didn't even belittle him. Please elaborate exactly where I did that in my post. I just have an opposing view of what he and others here find a constructive hacking project. So if you want to spend your time RE'ing a flash online game then knock yourself out. -: I just want to provide some alternative criticism, I am entitled to my opinion here like everyone else is right? . As far as learning is concerned then that's fine, learning is completely different but Rehack's agenda seemed to be a little different to just 'learning' Fight the Farmvill! Fight the power!!
  2. Hi Can you think of anything else more productive, worth while and possibly notable to do then a lame online multi player game on a social networking site like facebook ? I would suggest you redirect your energy to more constructive hacking projects then this one. Just my 2p. B
  3. My mum has that phone :/
  4. Been there more then a few times yeah, Its mainly a marketing event.... duh! but I use it mainly to meet up with a few people in the industry and have a few pints. See you there if you are going.
  5. Man I was so drunk.... How embarrassing. I will make sure I wear swim shorts this time round :-) Hope to see you there Number 6
  6. I will be driving through Belgium so you are more then welcome to say hello
  7. 5 of us going as one group yes and 2/3 are making their own way there.
  8. Yes... um.. Yes its in Florida..... Corleone - Never mind, now there are too posts.
  9. Out of you USA lot anyone going to ? And the Britfags ? Those awesome people that are, see you then chaps.
  10. The most direct answer to your question is that Binary code is how computers work on hardware level. So 1 for on 0 for off. I have a suspicion that due to your freshness to this field this is not exactly what you are asking but I may be wrong.
  11. $locate command might help too !
  12. you could use Tor or any sort or form of encrypted tunnel like SSH. Depends on what you want to do, If you want to secure Telnet and HAVE to use telnet you could pipe it down a SSH tunnel. If anonymity is imporant then you want to use something like Tor. Or you could hack yourself some Tier 1/2 ISP routers
  13. can you brut RDP ? i want to brut brut brut lol

  14. if you are trying to add some anonymity your internet traffic try using a socks proxy or web proxy. Maybe a service such as Tor. but to answer your question literally. $ipconfig /renew
  15. unfortunately life tends to get in the way of being able to produce radio shows. I would rather be able to dedicate at least 2 good hours of time for each show, inject at least a bit of quality. due to other projects stuff tends to have to be put on the back burner. This is some times a positive thing. Allowing me and other people to dedicate more time to other projects etc. As with everything in this world things come and go. But there will be some one else who will take up the baton. Thankfully HPR has fills that gap... alongside all the other underground and mainstream shows too. I would say to anyone, who thinks that there is not what they seek out there.. im sure there are a few of you out there. Try and do it for yourself! produce a 45min show of specifically exactly the type of thing YOU would love to download and listen to. I can guarantee some one will like it.. slowly it will snowball into bigger greater things. But, if it doesn't take off. Don't get dis hearted. Try something else.