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  1. Thank you for your help, it was very useful
  2. Thank you for your answer, but I need Voip provider which allows custom caller ID functionality. To spoof numbers. Such providers are very rare, voipjet and nufone are one of them, but I can not register accounts there . I know that there are a lot of voip providers even cheap, but i need that one that support any caller id setting.
  3. Good time of day to all. I'd found this forum in search engine and was pleasured that there are a huge amount of phreakers (I was trying to find good phreaker phorum in former Soviet Union countries but it is impossible). So, let me ask one question, as I see that there are people who know. What IAX VoIP providers can be used as channel to make CID Spoofing? As I know VoipJet, nuphone and some else supports it, but there are some troubles, most of such providers needs letter of intention (VoipJET), some needs first payment by credit card... Does anybody know VoIP provider which can be used for asterisk phone spoofing and it has open registration and have some trial money on account (10-20 cents). Of if somebody has the voipjet account with small ballance, I can by it or rent to make some small testing. Thank you in advance, my contacts Skype: swap3r ICQ 8-33*5*5-2