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  1. I got a phone call today from someone who told me about this "TAP" zine. There are those that say that "plagiarism" is the sincerest form of flattery. The plagiarized do not agree. Thank you for bringing back some old memories, however. Namely, the TA Truckstop sign as part of the front page "logo". It was a Truckstops Of America where I picked up my first TWX Teletype message sent from a computer terminal. http://CheshireCatalyst.Com/telex.html It took me a minute to recognize the "8 Ball" logo. It didn't make the transition very well. I remember running across the sheet of 12 line and 8 line AT&T Logos in the art department of Teleconnect Magazine, and turning a 12 line logo from an AT&T Death Star into the 8 Ball. This version in the "new TAP" doesn't look at all like the old Death Star, making the satirical reference useless. - Cheshire http://CheshireCatalyst.Com mailto:Cheshire@2600.Com