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  1. I have sort of the same problem with my old desktop i put in a 2 gb hard drive and it only said i had 837mb in fdisk. Plus after i partition it then go to format it it stops at about 39% and says format failed.
  2. Check out the site for this great edition of windows Windows RG
  3. By the way ftp is port 21, 23 is telnet
  4. Got this of nicks site
  5. I doubt very much it will , 1 mil per mile is not exactly cheap.
  6. I can see it now :borg: Warmonitoring :borg:
  7. This guy is a fool!
  8. You could try getting Win95 on floppy it's about 22 disks
  9. Well I have Cooledit 2000 and the vocal removing doesn't work to well, all it really does is make the lyrics really quiet and the music is all choppy :mumble:
  10. Now thats going to far everything seems to support terrorism these days. I was watching the Ali G movie and it said at the start that piracy supports terrorism, that just really pissed me off :pissed:
  11. Well the 2600hz tone back in the day would of been completely useless here in aus, I believe it was possible to do they same thing here but with 2200hz instead. I'm gonna have to agree with most ppl that Woz had the best hack Linus Torvalds writing the first Linux Kernal. Ken Thompson's cc hack now that was cool Also i found info on the infamous Zap Here
  12. A look at what could of happned if a historical event went differently than it did
  13. Yeah I signed up for one of those Shell Acounts a fair while ago. The first time i was rejected but the second time i got one.
  14. Spose this is a bit late but... Happy New Year!!!
  15. Here's a good one to look at