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  2. maybe just maybe - we could try and make a comparison - at least for the sake of it - between software and movies... there is a time for a movie to make money but then it just belongs to the world - you can find it everywhere for free then and then we should maybe remember good music - all the great men that created once now ask nothing for themselves : their work belongs to us all i consider making a good program a creative task - and maybe asking for the full price is just outdated by reality itself
  3. i only wish there was a way this guy could teach more us noobs but then he should be paid for it - no doubt he deserves it
  4. i need some help to understand some data from kismet and airodump here is the screen results from kismet <no ssid > T4 A N -- ONTel T4 A N 009 found ip for ONTel 00:if:5b:c2:3a:3d found ip for 00:1c:a2:b2:3f:81 and airodump bssid ..... station 00:11:6b:64:3f:c8 ...... 00:if:5b:c2:3a:3d 00:1c:a2:b2:3f:81 ...... 00:11:6b:64:3f:c8 i mean what is going on here
  5. how's this possible guys?
  6. well i will be more specific i was trying to find the equivalent of hotspot shield in linux that's connecting to a server and then reach internet right?
  7. would you advise using acronis software ?
  8. i run xubuntu from usb and cannot detect hard drive
  9. i found it then after a power failure i got error connecting to media failed "you're not supposed to show G_IO_ERROR_FAILED_HANDLED_in the UI" what the heck is that ? it also says it is already mounted according to mtab
  10. very good
  11. this is pretty serious guys- i was trying to format a usb flash and the program started formatting my external Lacie disk i immediately stopped the operation but the disk is currently unusable - is there ant chance i can save my data ? i was calm so far but PL╬ĽASE HELP !
  12. i was using the HP formating tool under windows - it was for sure a quick format and it only lasted 1-2 seconds before i saw and stopped it - now i turn on the drive and when i try to click it it says it has to be formatted
  13. i had kernel panic with 8.10 after two days it happened again with 9.04 ! i need some suggestions - what linux os should i try for usb flash? the only that worked was backtrack 3 so far...
  14. Has wless better performance with ubuntu ? i connect to networks that could hardly even detect with vista
  15. anyone tried that ubuntu 9.4 to check what ohm says? well i had the same problem with ubuntu 8.10 : it just wouldn't install ath at all - there is a topic here about it and ohm offered some suggestions that would not work so i had to quit 8.10...
  16. what are the dangers on having a wireless unsecured - ok we all know it is dangerous it is grave, but what exactly can happen ?
  17. man you are great

  18. how can i check what is offered?
  19. can they attack my computer - and how
  20. well guys that could appear simple to most of you but still i got to ask - the suspense is killing me what happens when i visit a site or a forum - what information this site gathers about the person or the computer or... for example - what are you BR forums may know about - for example myself /my computer etc- when i am on line here
  21. well it seems ubuntu doesn't like my machine - have difficulty accessing internet then it crushes just like this and have already reinstalled it 3 times - any suggestions guys for an OS that can run persistently from usb flash ?
  22. thanks but i think i am going to pass the fixing and follow the other guy's advice ( mirrorshades)... so i'm again looking for another linux OS...
  23. That could be another issue but what could cause kernel panic with Ubuntu ( i mean i have not experience it with windows )
  24. there are but they were not blinking... and what is a kernel panic ?
  25. ok when it crushed the screen just was still, nothing happened, i waited a while nothing, then pressed any key nothing - the only thing was that caps key light going on and off but nothing else - i turned the pc off then restarted and could not load at all the first time... the last time i could load from usb flash but then it could not mount the hard disk - i would click on it and would say it is not mounted, i right click to mount it nothing - i type mount /dev/sda nothing