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  1. has not set their status

  2. RIP Pirate Bay

    maybe just maybe - we could try and make a comparison - at least for the sake of it - between software and movies... there is a time for a movie to make money but then it just belongs to the world - you can find it everywhere for free then and then we should maybe remember good music - all the great men that created once now ask nothing for themselves : their work belongs to us all i consider making a good program a creative task - and maybe asking for the full price is just outdated by reality itself
  3. Intro to web app security problems video

    i only wish there was a way this guy could teach more us noobs but then he should be paid for it - no doubt he deserves it
  4. What is this ?

    i need some help to understand some data from kismet and airodump here is the screen results from kismet <no ssid > T4 A N -- ONTel T4 A N 009 found ip for ONTel 00:if:5b:c2:3a:3d found ip for 00:1c:a2:b2:3f:81 and airodump bssid ..... station 00:11:6b:64:3f:c8 ...... 00:if:5b:c2:3a:3d 00:1c:a2:b2:3f:81 ...... 00:11:6b:64:3f:c8 i mean what is going on here
  5. Anonymous ip with linux ?

    well i will be more specific i was trying to find the equivalent of hotspot shield in linux that's connecting to a server and then reach internet right?
  6. Anonymous ip with linux ?

    how's this possible guys?
  7. Mysql table got corrupted? how to re structure them

    would you advise using acronis software ?
  8. i cannot see my hard drive

    i found it then after a power failure i got error connecting to media failed "you're not supposed to show G_IO_ERROR_FAILED_HANDLED_in the UI" what the heck is that ? it also says it is already mounted according to mtab
  9. i cannot see my hard drive

    i run xubuntu from usb and cannot detect hard drive
  10. Can external HD be restored ?

    i was using the HP formating tool under windows - it was for sure a quick format and it only lasted 1-2 seconds before i saw and stopped it - now i turn on the drive and when i try to click it it says it has to be formatted
  11. Can external HD be restored ?

    this is pretty serious guys- i was trying to format a usb flash and the program started formatting my external Lacie disk i immediately stopped the operation but the disk is currently unusable - is there ant chance i can save my data ? i was calm so far but PL╬ĽASE HELP !
  12. 9.04 RIP Amen

    i had kernel panic with 8.10 after two days it happened again with 9.04 ! i need some suggestions - what linux os should i try for usb flash? the only that worked was backtrack 3 so far...
  13. Wireless : Ubuntu vs Vista

    Has wless better performance with ubuntu ? i connect to networks that could hardly even detect with vista
  14. Glad to see 9.04 worked out for ya..

  15. debian not recognizing ath0

    anyone tried that ubuntu 9.4 to check what ohm says? well i had the same problem with ubuntu 8.10 : it just wouldn't install ath at all - there is a topic here about it and ohm offered some suggestions that would not work so i had to quit 8.10...