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  1. i'm no expert, but i've been wanting to do the cantenna thing for a while. my tablet has internal wireless so i was looking for other options other than moding the tabet or getting a pcmcia card. i found a neat mod for a usb wifi card that looks pretty neat. it may not be the "best" but it is CHEAP, and since it's usb it's gonna be usable across more systems. usb is also more common than pcmcia slots... especially on desktops. hehe, it would be fun to sit inside the house and wardrive the neighbor hood from your room! anyway here's the link to the website/iptv show that had the usb wifi - cantenna mod. http://www.amateurlogic.tv/blog/ and here is a link to google video with the 3 episodes featuring the mod. episodes on google video ep3 they build it ep4 they test it ep10 they add the cantenna to a dishtv dish and extend the range even furthur.... it's rather amazing. best of luck, hope the information is helpful
  2. yea, i have a Cingular 8125 and i must say i really do like it. i will agree with mr. strom, the t.mobile version has a nicer keyboard but i general i like the keyboard and the keys are all a decent size. i will say, that if you have the extra cash, it will make a nice phone. i have grown rather fond of having on device that can play mp3's, videos, run programs(perhaps even custom apps!), SMS, IM, IRC, wifi, bluetooth, yada, yada. i love the fact that i have internet where ever i have a cell signal, and that i can plug the phone into the lappy and have internet on the lappy too! although having the ability to have IRC AND drive a vehicle, have made for some "interesting" experiences... like "near-death" ones... on the other hand, with internet at my fingertips almost anywhere you go, is more and more convienient. either way, do your research well, if you plan on forking out the money for a smart phone! find the right one for you, because the beauty is that when you get your next phone after this one, you still have a pda that can do everything else it did before, minus make celular calls. consider what kinda OS you REALLY want to be using... is it windows mobile 5? or maybe palm? research benchmark tests comparing CPU, battry life, etc. smart phones can be a big investment. be smart about your choice and you will truely enjoy your investment. the Cinglular 8125 has a slower CPU (195MHz) than other smart phone/PDA's but this helps for an increased battery life. although i will admit, it likely also has something to do with the occasional reset that phone needs after it locks up. it has 128 MB of ram, 64 MB of memory and a mini.SD slot for more memory. the screen is nice, but i've seen better. the keyboard is backlit which is nice for night operations.... it also has a 1.3 mega pixel camera which can take photos or videos, which is only good in bright enviroments oe outside. overall the phone is great and has easily carved a "need" for itself in my life. my only real complaint is of the occasional lock-up that demands the device to be reset. which usually seems to be caused by too many programs open at the same time, or try to do too many things at once. either way, best of luck!
  3. ty, i love you.
  4. here are two of my favorites : Right on Reggae http://radio.rightonscales.com/ which of course, is reggae music. Soma FM http://www.somafm.com/ which contains various stations, from techno, jazz, house beats, indie pop... all of which ROCK. this is by far one of my favorite stations. i have donated several times and even bought a t.shirt. if you saw the hack tv underground with the air soft guns, i was wearing their shirt! Right on Reggae has a comercial of two an hour, but for the most part are short and do not intefere with the "jamming" Soma FM has NO commercials and is 100% listener supported. CAUTION: this SOMA FM is addictive!
  5. eh... watch out for that lowtek_mystik guy, he'll F**K you up!
  6. check out some notacon3 pictures at the infonomicon gallery i'll be adding more pictures as i take them. enjoy!
  7. cool. i really enjoyed listening to the show, and i'm glad it's back. i was wondering wtf happened. glad everything's worked out enough for everyone to come back to the show. downloading now. look foward to listening to many more
  8. :jigga2: w00t :jigga2: um.. do we know the number.. or will it be given out on the show? ty
  9. all i gotta say is that's the best $20 i have ever spent. :voteyes: :voteyes: just getting to meet and hang out with everyone was such a treat. everyone one was very friendly and there was great conversation everywhere.
  10. my vote goes for theme #1. the music is a lil more upbeat but still sneaky.. the second has more of a creepy and sneakyfeel. #1 also has the cheerleaders ^^ i also like the end title fade in #1 better. either way, both roxor my soxors. hehe
  11. (this coming from the guy who is starting his own show..) I really enjoy all the "radio" shows that are out there. Living in a rual area, there sure are not armies of 1337 MFer's.. in fact there are very few. Having an ASSLOAD of "radio" shows is fanFUCKINGtastik, imho. This way the ones I do listen to are a lil' more suited to me and my personality. Also I like that if one of the shows starts to suck, there are plenty of others for me to go and listen to. Sure, there may be tons of shows out now.. but how many will stand the test of time? Better yet, how many will out live the ipod fad?(yes that's right podcasting is merly a fad and will soon cease to exisit.. ) It is my belief that those shows that withstand the ipod/podcasting fad, and the test of time will be the jewels of independent/hacker media. It take a lot of shit and organics a long time to form coal.. it takes even loger for that coal to turn into a diamond.. but when it's all said a done, out of all the shit and rubble emerges just a few gems which are priceless and can be used countless ways. One can use a diamond as an enhancing accesory to every day life, or at the end of a huge bore drilling into superhard surfaces(like my head, per say ). So too will be the way of all these radio shows.. so sit back, tune in and support the shows you enjoy. If you don't enjoy'em or think there're too many, then just walk away. I don't like TV. :pissed: but instead of sitting there infront of the bastard flipping channels and bitchn' that there is nothing to watch.. I GET UP.. that's right.. i simply walk away. I don't have the time for crap on TV to turn into gems.. so i find something else to occupy my time with, THAT I ENJOY sorry for the rant. I enjoy that we are able to express ourselfs here, and I am just merly doing that. I value all the other opions, and enjoy reading them. please don't take my lil' rant as a lecture, or as what i think others should do. You should do what you feel like doing.. even if that's questioning what I like
  12. thanks man although the show may not always be super entertaining, I still enjoy listening to it. There's always atleast a good laugh or too. It's nice that you take the time to bother with it, so thanks.. and please continue!
  13. gotta listen to find out!! I will give a full description and the why/where I came up with the title in episode #1 of Ninja Night Skool... which should be out Wednesday night or Thursday morning Aug 10/11th. -LowMyst
  14. Hoy hoy... I have made a lil' radio show that I call Ninja Night Skool. Buddy Droops has been kind enough (read:lots of large cash bribes) to post my show on the Podcast Incubator. I have only done a test episode which can be found at http://www.podcastincubator.com/nns/NNS_000_2005_08_06.mp3 There is not a lot to this episode... it's more of a test/introduction, and honestly was done more for me than you. With that being said, the first "official" show should be posted in a few nights. I attempted to take suggestions from Jason Scott's post on file naming, and take pointers from other shows on sound quality, ect. Please feel free to let me know what you think. ...oh, I almost forgot, and welcome to Ninja Night Skool
  15. dude, you put out some hella cool shows. you are an awesome adition to the alternative/hacker media. please don't stop ^^