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  1. What's up with the show the last two weeks? I'm hearing questions comming after or during the responses, etc. But it doesn't seem to be throughout the entire show... BUT, it's very obvious, the last 2 eps are affected 180 and 181... Just hard to listen to.
  2. The site has been unusably slow for quite a while now ... Too bad it's completely gone now though...
  3. Was he in Freedom Downtime (at the protest)?
  4. intel ipw2915 a/b/g ... fully supported in linux / kismet =)
  5. Recomendations for a IAX2 provider?
  6. You say it's cheaper? You obviously don't pay your electricity bill.... Get a linksys WRT54GL .... install DD-WRT or OpenWRT (google these for more info) .... and you are then open to all the options you would have with a linux pc built into a router, plus more... cheers
  7. writing to ntfs is safe now in linux, especially when using captive...
  8. I found 678 AP's in under an hour of driving last night... all logged with kismet and gpsdrive
  9. That brings a smile to my face =)
  10. "I blame you for trying to make money!"
  11. Thanks Strom, appreciate it... And about the whole job thing, although I do realize this, I enjoy what I'm doing right now, and it works around my school schedual and what not (i work 4pm-12pm). And I live in northern california in a small town near Chico (uh oh, dropin docs), and the only tech jobs I ever see available are web dev, which is not my thing. Eventually i'll become a computer security consultant, or a sys admin and make enough.... but for now, i make $8.50 working with Developmentally Disabled Adults. (btw, i still think it would be neato if you could use a voice modem as an adapter in the asterisk box =p)
  12. Netgear WG511 v2 (11g) Orinoco Silver/Gold (11b) Seneo 200mw (11b, for your wardriving needs)
  13. The thing is, if they have an access point, there is no reason to be insecure... well ... too insecure. ANY consumer wifi router has AT LEAST WEP! I mean, WEP may be crackable, but not to your average 17 year old with a wifi card and netstumbler .... Most people just don't think about it ... they think if they set it up inside their buisness, they are fine ... i mean "It's inside, they are outside .. what's the prob?". Yeah.... I have seen real estate places, most have been securing themselves in the past few months, i've noticed a big increase in security in my town in the past 5-6 months.
  14. Sorry to bring up an old topic, but I started it .... so ha.. Ok, I went with SBC because of original start up cost.... But, we are sick of SBC, and want to go with Broadvoice ($10/mo in state) Now, I have 2 machines that can be used for asterisk, 1: 1ghz p3 with 128mb ram (i think), but i need to get an HD / power supply, case for it... 2: I have an old g3 imac (crt) that's 300mhz i believe, with 64mb ram... I would probobly go the x86 route ... but would be fine with either, as I have heard, if i am only using one line, it won't need much on the sys resources side of things.... Now, next question. I am fine with linux, have been running linux since 98 (8th grade).... config files, etc ... no problem, just tedious. NOW, my real question is cost ... i make not much more then Min wage, neither does anyone in this house.... How much am I going to pay when it comes to equipment? We need at least 2 telephoens (cordless). We have 2 anolog phones... so would I need 2 sip adapters? If I setup the Asterisk box, and want phones in different locations, being on the same network is proficient right? And, could you kind people direct me towards where I could buy what I do need (good brands/models .. well, decent)? I appreciate it! --Polymira
  15. Hey all... I'm moving into a new house next week (19, moving out of moms .. yeah). Anyway, I was thinking of going with VOIP (broadvoice, unlimited in state). BUT, the startup cost is plenty high... I'm looking for the cheapest way to start, should I go with their phone adapter for $100? SIP phone? I need to have 2 cordless phone in the house (fine with 1 base station, and a secondary phone with charger)... I don't have any phones of my own right now, so it's going to be purchased whether I go with sbc/voip. So yeah, suggestions? And remember, i'm not building an asterix box. I have 2 WRT54G's with 3rd party firmware (both using wds for bridging).