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  1. I current have a LG ux260 with us celluar. There are 2 things that really erk the hell out of me, 1 should be easy and the other I am not sure about. When you open the phone and click on the text icon it brings you directly into making a text messages. If you keep the phone closed and go to the text icon on the menu it allows you to see ur inbox, outbox etc etc. Is it possible to remap the text icon when the phone is open to go to the text icon when the phone is closed ? The 2nd one is a little more complex. When you go to your contacts you can type in any letter, for the sake of this topic I'll say you type in an A, it than will bring up everything A, you follow it up with an Aa, it would show Aaron and any other names that start with Aa. This makes it extremely easy to search for names. But when it comes to text messages on the "to" line you can only type in #'s. Is it possible to somehow change it so that you can type in letters and have it work exactly how the contacts work ?