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  1. interesting, thanks guys. and no I'm not using it to look up someone else lol, i wanted to see if i could find any old news articles that mentioned me and my old highschool soccer team.
  2. Hey all, I was just curious if there was any good and accurate way to find out where your name is being listed throughout the internet? What I mean is I just want to type in my name on a search engine or something and have it pull up various web pages that are making a refference or providing information about me. I tried google but I have a very common name and even when I did advanced searches and filtered words that were'nt related to me or specific words to include in the search nothing really came up that was actually referring to MY name and not various other people with the same name. So if there was any preffered search engine or way to go about doing that that provides more accurate results, I would appreciate it if someone could let me know or just give me some tips. Thanks.
  3. Awesome, these links are great guys, I appreciate it. And as far as the myspace question goes, I figured I'd get those kind of responses, lol, I'm not a weirdo or anything like that trust me I'm fully capable of talking to girls haha. It's just nice to have a little info on whether approaching the girl is worth it or not. It's happened to me many times before (I'm sure it's happened to most people as well) where I will start talkin to a girl I like and I really put a lot of effort into making sure things go smoothly, and then when I ask her out or make a move even I find out she has a boyfriend or is seeing someone lol, its rough. One of the hardest things to figure out for a guy, is the chick flirting/interested in you? Or just being friendly because she's an outgoing person? Haha, we will never know. EDIT: Haha, those google link things are pretty cool biosphear, clever lol.
  4. Hey all. This is actually my first post since joining today, I would have posted earlier but I've been reading topics and other links on the forums for the past couple hours now, very interesting information. Anyway, as far as technology goes, I'm a technology product specialist at circuit city, and I'm going to be starting training to eventually work in Firedog as a computer tech, so I have plenty of knowledge in areas concerning those subjects. However, I am just now learning about Hacking, in which I can already tell is going to be something that I am really going to take a strong interest in and am very motivated to learning more and more everyday. So basically, I just wanted to know some interesting tips and tricks regarding hacking, just some basic stuff really to get me started. Just a couple topics that I'd appreciate a little info on if you guys wouldn't mind: 1. Ways to optimize the performance of one's home pc that wouldn't really be covered in computer tech employment training? 2. The simplest way to run games on a ps2 emulator, or even just a playstation emulator without having the actual discs? 3. How to get the free ringtones I make on my computer via text message actually get to my metro pcs phone so I can use them? 4. How to view a private myspace or facebook profile without adding them as a friend? Lol, I'm sorry I had to ask, theres this really cute girl at my work and I kind of wanted to see if there was any info on either her facebook or myspace about if she has a boyfriend or is involved with anyone before I try to start talking to her and realizing shes taken. Just to save myself some embarassment lol, trust me I have no intentions of doing anything malicious to her or anybody elses account, just wanted to view the private profile somehow. 5. Most imporant question, from the previous four things I asked, if you dont want to answer them directly, could you possibly provide me with some links that you think might be a good start for a beginner like myself? I've been browsing around the web all night trying to find some good references but I still feel lost as to where to start. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes a couple minutes to answer some of my questions or even just one or two. I have always been very interested in computer technology since I was a kid, and I have plenty of extra free time until college starts up in late January, so please feel free to pass on any useful information to help me get going in a field of computers that is still very new to me lol. Thanks guys. Ooh and if any of the questions I asked is anyone deemed as malicious, please let me know. I do feel as though I have a good grasp on the policies of that from the rules and guidelines I';ve been reading on the forums thus far, but just in case I missed something, please let me know.