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  1. well i got into hacking about a year ago, pretty late in the game i know, but im glad to be here. I was something of a little shit and a tab bit reckless not knowing any precautions to take but i got a picture of my principal and did a little photo manipulation to make it look like he was having sex with some obese prostitute. I use ettercap to get an md5 hash of the principals pw and used cain to crack it and luckily cain had an option to add 2 numbers at the end of each word which was how they distributed their passwords. So i get into his first class account and they have basically like craigslist for the teachers at my school and i posted the picture i made of him up for sale for 5 bux and checked back a few days later and he had like 10 emails from other teachers trying to buy it. Guess some of them had a sense of humor.