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  1. I get what he's saying. A lot of open source projects are designed in the engineer mindset, with little or no thought on end user design. GNOME is pretty powerful though, and I think it looks fantastic on Ubuntu. The upcoming version of Ubuntu's theme looks very good and I think it will be a big help for convincing people to give Linux a try.

    Very true, especially a lot the the smaller/less well known apps, but hey, it's open source. Its always possible to make a new GUI. I hope that as more people move to open source more designers will be prepared to put in a little time to make things look pretty. Despite what I tell myself it is important. Things that look finished feel like they work better. It's already happening with Gnome/KDE et al but certain applications (OOo comes to mind) need a little tweaking.

    I guess the problem is that as multiple WM exist it's hard to have a unified look.


  2. Really? I think the newest version looks very polished as did most of the previous versions. I keep hearing good things about mint Linux but if its the Desktop Environments you dont like then just find the Linux distro most suited to you and install new Desktop Environments until you find what you want.

    The Enlightenment window manager has always looked quite nice, and when I tried E17 it seemed to be quite full featured (although I used it a while ago im sure it's improved by now) but I think, like with Windows, it'll take it a little tweaking to get any Desktop Environment to work well. Some just do better than others out of the box than other (looking at you BlackBox).

    What didnt you like about the look?


  3. I'm not sure how much RAM bt4 uses when booting but live CDs use a "RAM disk" for temporary storage, obviously limited by the amount of RAM you have. I'm not sure what your doing to use it though. How much storage do you have before you start (i assume) airodump? Are you using the -w flag to write the captured packets to disk?

    I seem to recall using this guide for my BT4 flash drive. There is also the option of installing BT or another Linux disto on your machine and running aircrack-ng like that or, if you have a USB wifi adapter, installing in a virtual machine where you will not be limited by a small ram drive.

    If it is because of the -w option in airodump you can put the files it generates on an external drive by specifying the path e.g.

    airodump mon0 -c 5 -w /path/to/usb/capture.

    Maybe not loading Xorg (dont use startx) will also help with ram usage, but im not too sure about that.


  4. I dont think you'll find anyone here who will offer you a Windows 7 code but I can give you your options.

    Find a key/crack elsewhere but keep in mind you'll be using an illegal OS.

    Reinstall a previous version of Windows, assuming you still have a licence and install disks from your previous install.

    Buy Windows 7

    If you're comfortable with computers you could install Linux (I would suggest Ubuntu). It's a free Operating System (I use it myself) and will work until you decide whether you want to keep using it or try and get hold of a Windows licence. If you dont mind formatting your computer then Ubuntu is pretty easy to install else you could create a partition and install in that.


  5. Do you mean COCOT (customer-owned coin-operated telephones)?

    Basically its a payphone (correct me if i'm wrong) owned by private companies. For example if I found a payphone not by BT in the UK it would be a cocot. Not sure about America but if you've seen a non standard pay phone it would most likely be a colcot.

    I cant help too much, my phreaking skills suck. Just know what i've managed to pick up from the early episodes of off the hook :tongue:


  6. From what I understand tor is incredibly anonymous. The only thing to be aware of is that eventually your data is gonna pass though an "exit node" where the data will be unencrypted. It has to else the web server wouldnt understand your request. Someone who owns an exit node could easily set up a sniffer to capture all the data sent through. As all data is anonymous (they could see what you do, not who you are) it isnt too much of a problem unless you do things like send email, google your name and other things that leaks your identity. Also an exit node operator could run SSLStrip to strip all your ssl data so unless your sure (check for https) dont do things like Internet shopping and the like over tor.


  7. Look into backtrack It's a security orientated Linux distro containing all the tools you'll ever need (well, nearly). Depending on what you hoped to achieve the basic idea would be

    port scan -> exploit

    nmap is an excellent port scanner and Nessus (not on backtrack, have to be installed separately) is a pretty good vulnerability scanner. If you come up with a list of vulnerabilities you can then use either metasploit (prefered way) or look for code online to exploit the vulnerabilities.

    Of course, depending on what you wanted to do there are other ways to go about it. Ettercap is always fun.


  8. Sniff packets from where?

    If its from your own machine then wireshark is the tool you want. Just start it up and watch the packets fly. If you want the packets from other machines on the network you may need to do something to trick the packets to come to your computer first. It's pretty easy to do arp poisoning with Ettercap.


  9. Are you getting any POST beeps on startup?

    If not then i've had that problem a few times. Have you tried jiggling things? Seems to work for me.

    As PurpleJesus suggested plug in into the network and see if it picks up an IP address (check the router logs, do a ping sweep of the network or just check for blinking lights).


  10. This place sure has changed..haha it's been a few years..

    So the other day I was loading an ISO onto a 75G external hard drive using the WintoFlash and while this was working another family member took the liberty to disconnect the drive mid-process. Ever since this incident whenever I connect the hard drive to any computer it will cause all applications to freeze or hang until the computer has been restarted. If I leave the drive in without touching it for about 20 minutes a message will eventually come up telling me the drive is corrupted and unreadable. Is there any solution for this? Or is the drive simply gone. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    i am thinking something like autorun for the drive is turned on... so the ISO file is being run as soon as the drive is connected, and since the file is incomplete it is crashing everything.. if there is a way for you to turn off autorun for this drive before connecting it i would try that ..

    From what I remember holding down the shift key will temporarily disable autorun when a disk is loaded but as I understand it autorun only works on optical disks unless its emulated.


  11. service center and it was gonna take around $200 to fix it or whatever.

    I am not looking to get rid of it and will have to do a Disk reformat to get rid of whatever is causing the computer issue.

    First welcome to binrev :smile:

    Second, are you sure it's a software issue. I cant imagine a repair shop charging $200 to reinstall Windows (maybe if you had to buy a new licence).

    I think most of the common ideas have been mentioned but i'll just add that I only use two desktops. One fileserver and the other is my main computer. All my other machines (can spot 4 desktops and 2 HP servers from where i'm sitting but there are more around the flat) have been superseded by virtual machines, except for those projects which require actual hardware. Even then I prefer laptops as they are quieter and use less power.

    Let use know what you decide to do with it :biggrin:


  12. Dont really use web proxies so I cant really recommend any but i'm sure if you look around you'll find some. Failing that you could try some free vpn services (i've had luck with ultravpn but if you look around you'll find more). Tor could also be an option but I have to warn you that tor is incredibly slow.


  13. you said you went to the properties of the "Local Area Connection", but i think what you want to do is mess with the properties of "Wireless Connection". the "Local Area Connection" should refer to your ethernet interface, while the "Wireless Connection" refers to the wireless 802.11a/b/g/n interface.

    please can you let me know which prorerties i have to configure, when i saw both connections over there i am confuse.

    if i mesh up and unable to configure then i will reformat my computer again, so on which CONNECTION properties i have to configure.


    I dont think you'll do anything so bad as to need reformating. At the most a system restore should be ok to get you back to where you started.

    If you havent done so already I would look into virtual machines. You can experiment with things to your hearts content and not worry about messing up your computer :tongue:

    If you send a screenshot of your connections we can tell you which on to look at.


  14. i met this chick guys in that forum and that pimp the moderator would disconnect me after a while - how could i log in using a different ip?

    ( i know i could google it but i believe there are knowledgable people here )

    Start > Run > ipconfig /renew <enter>

    Was that a joke?

    Depends on where you are in the world and which ISP you're using. It could be as easy as disconnecting and reconnecting your Internet or you may need to use a proxy. Im sure you'll find some if you google but beware not all proxies are run by good guys. Some are used to collect information (such as username/pass) of the sites you visit though the proxy.


  15. thanks for your answer.

    1)-if i run bt4 successfully and by luckely found wep key on laptop & this key can i use on desktop on which i did not run bt4 dvd ( i mean not found wep on desktop)?

    2)-if i use this wep key on my dd-wrt router then how i should hide my mac address of my router ?

    3)-before running bt4 i want to installed a program which can hide my mac address & ip address sothat the client should not trace myaddress. so which software/program i have to installed on my computer & on my dd-wrt Linksys Router ?

    I really thanks for your answers, i am trying this all very first time, hope you guys help me.

    PM'd you