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  1. "A week" I said. HAH!

  2. Away for another week without the net :(

  3. Wedding eh? Contgrats!

    How soon is soon?

  4. Hi,

    Dont be afraid to ask questions. It's how we learn :P

  5. Hey, had any more luck with that c++ string replace program?

  6. Man, your rep is crazy high

  7. lol, cheers. Feels like i'm home again :P

  8. Yea, just like a ninja :P

    Actually, i've been busy moving and stuff and i've been without an Internet connection for over a month :( just got it switched on today

  9. Dude that sucks. I would give the whole "plenty more fish in the sea" speech but i doubt that would help.

  10. Why the broken heart Stank?

  11. LOL @ your rep. Dunno why its so bad. Sure you're hard to understand and you give bad information....oh i see :P Wow! Checked out that youtube vid. You look exactly like Rick Astley

  12. Dude. i just left a comment and it went to /dev/null I bet i write this one and they both appear and i look like and idiot :P

  13. 'sup Index. You're a pretty l33t 17 year old. Stay off 4chan and you'll be alllllright! ;)

  14. Lol Thanks for caring. Been busy with real world stuff, still drift in and out though :P

    BTW nice "about me" quote

  15. Oh man, that "leave ohm alone" pic made me lol so hard

  16. Nice vids. The community thanks you