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  1. lol. its amerika what do you expect of the healthcare system? its run buy a bunch of con artists, but in all fairness it isnt all that bad besides them trying to weasel out of paying for the bills, in service its fine, its a pretty good system i mean if you get hurt and can pay for it you can go to the hospital and get good service. but again its amerika i.e. capitalism i.e. buy everything at less than its worth sell everything for more than its worth rip everyone off capitalism economy ofcourse the companies will try to get out of payin bills/providing said service in hopes of maximum profit. its amerika thats literally what everyone wanted in capitalism. and as for amerikans thinking that free healthcare=communism thats because they are ignorant and confuse the communism economy with past governments of said communistic economy bodies i.e. soviet russia where everyon one would get health care/jobs/welfare where everyone shares in the wealth, but it is literally redistributing wealth to pay for said bills which is what socialism? just because they take a negative aspect is because they associat it with people that have done bad with such a system in the past which would be why they would see it as a derogative term, but it is not technically a lie/false. as it is socialism but it isnt bad/evil totalitarian government socialism which means they should just stfu.

    not being a canadian i couldnt say why they would feel a hatred for americons but i would have to say it might deal with that fact that ALOT of americons feel the need to have a nationalist pride in amerika and how its the greatest country in the world and everyone else sucks and has no rights and is evil but thats just the midwest uncultured/traveled people.

    I've read this post 3 times and still can't decipher it.


  2. How do you have time to watch so much TV?

    DVR man...DVR. If it wasn't for the DVR, I wouldn't even have cable again. I went without cable for about 2 years before I moved to Orlando. When I went back on cable here and got the DVR, it changed my life. I am not tied to the TV, I simply record it and watch it when I am bored or while I eat or read or whatever. I multitask a lot and watch TV while I do other things. I rarely watch shows the day that they air. I am usually several days or weeks behind. Also factor in that for every hour of television, after I fast forward through the commercials, it only take about 40 minutes for each show. I have mastered "Attack of the Show" on g4 so that I watch the entire 1 hour show in about7 minutes because it is mostly garbage. I jump to the funny videos, an occasional interview, and that is about it.

    I guess it boils down to you being l33ter than me. I can't multitask. At all. If i'm watching a film/tv program then that's all my little brain can cope with.


  3. then why dont u guys start an unoficial brr rip off?

    I have a horrible voice and I don't have anything interesting to say

    That certainly didn't stop me from doing Default Radio! And people liked it - because people are stupid. That's the key factor to success that everyone fails to integrate into their plans.

    So the key to success is people's stupidity. Now i've said it out loud it makes perfect sense :tongue: It'll definitely give me something to think about.


  4. C'mon Stank, cheer up! Some women screw you over and some don't. It sucks but it's life. I know it's hard and this girl must have been pretty special but don't be so hard on yourself. Maybe it's the hacker way. We ask 'why' all the time but sometimes we just cant know. You've had an experience and hopefully you have learnt something from it and now you can put it behind you and move on. From your posts its obvious how devastated you are. Hang it there. It'll get better :)

    Besides, it must be better that you got dumped BEFORE you gave her the ring.


  5. My thoughts exactly. Well said!!

    Im always saying this to people but sometimes it feels like i'm preaching to the converted. The only people who seem to care and want to do something about it are the people who already use free/open source alternatives. I think the big companies need to start to make more of a stand. If companies didnt insist on exporting all there documents as docx then i doubt many people would have payed for/pirated office 2007 (same with other software, Office is just and example). Im actually under the impression that the likes of Microsoft, adobe etc wanted people to pirate there software. If little Jimmy pirates photoshop when he's young he'll grow up with the skills to use photoshop and work for a company that will have to buy legit copies. When companies change what software they consider "industry standard" then i think regular users will start to change as well