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  1. then why dont u guys start an unoficial brr rip off? I have a horrible voice and I don't have anything interesting to say
  2. How do you have time to watch so much TV?
  3. He has a point. It's probably a subtle way of saying bring back BRR
  4. If you're looking for actual details of attacks there are lots of papers published on the Internet. Just search for something along the lines of "flaws in wep/wpa" and you'll be sure to come up with something. If you're interested in that side of things PM me and i'll send you a few PDFs i've found. If you just wanna break it look into aircrack-ng. They have a fantastic wiki and i'm sure you'd find loads of howto videos on youtube.
  5. Congratulations If i ever find myself with reels of cat6 cable I know who to come to for advice
  6. Up to you. I would google a few of the file names to see where they came from and decide what to do based off that.
  7. jeremy_ is probably right. I would suggest enabling the "view file extensions" options. Not sure how to enable it in anything later than XP but there will be an option somewhere. You'll probably find that they are .cab files How they got there? Not sure about that but you probably installed something. It's most likely something legit but extracted to the wrong place.
  8. Lets not forget that if they stop you from using MS products you'd be more likely to try the alternatives. MS know that and i'd bet that they would MUCH rather you use their software illegitimately than not at all.
  9. not as weird as seeing him in real life, my wife was like, who is the homeless guy with the mac book. Lol. I think that could be said about a lot of the great hacker figures though. Looking homeless seems to be a trend.
  10. Everyone has to start somewhere so don't be discouraged. I guess it's best to work out where you want to end up. Network guru, coding genius etc etc. Find what you want to learn most about and go from there? You mention defensive hacking. Defending from what? Network intrusion? People reversing your code? People stealing sensitive information? Each one will follow a different path. If you can post some specifics then i'm sure there will be plenty of people here willing to help
  11. nice idea input validation may see the lack of the '@' symbol and think the email is invalid What? Anyway, an FYI : Here's an example I just made which gave me this to post in place of the actual email address : (email address I used for this example is fake, btw) When you click the link, you see a captcha page and have to choose the right one. Choosing the right one gets you the next page with the email address on it. Also, I forgot to mention that besides it giving a link to post in place of your actual email address, it also gives you html code for documents it as well as for forums. Didnt work for me (prob because i'm using noscript and a cookie blocking plugin for FF) but nice idea though. Definitely a website to remember though.
  12. Awesome Seems weird to see Captain Crunch on myspace though.
  13. My thoughts exactly. The ipad? No way would I buy it. Mainly because it's apple and carries all the same problems with other apple products i.e. locked, overpriced etc but I love the idea of it. I have always loved the idea of tablet pc's and hopefully companies will start developing really light and easy to use tablets. Tablets in the past have tended to be Windows computers with a touch sensitive display which IMHO makes using them kinda awkward. Hopefully the iPad will inspire the development of sleeker tablets with interfaces more suited to them.
  14. C'mon Stank, cheer up! Some women screw you over and some don't. It sucks but it's life. I know it's hard and this girl must have been pretty special but don't be so hard on yourself. Maybe it's the hacker way. We ask 'why' all the time but sometimes we just cant know. You've had an experience and hopefully you have learnt something from it and now you can put it behind you and move on. From your posts its obvious how devastated you are. Hang it there. It'll get better Besides, it must be better that you got dumped BEFORE you gave her the ring.
  15. Just practice my friend. Practice and the right tools. It's not something i'm too amazing at yet (although i think it's something i'm going to start looking into more) but I suggest a book called Hacker Disassembling Uncovered by Kris Kaspersky. A big part of disassembling applications in knowing the Windows API. You dont need to know exactly whats happening but you know the application is setting a set of variables and calling an API to do some task. If anyone is interested in working though some stuff together PM me sometime and it might be easier to work in a small group or something.
  16. If you *really* can't live without Windows (nothing to be ashamed of, I still need to use it occasionally) there are lots of ways to have the best of both worlds. The easiest way would be to use a live cd or, even better, install Linux to a flash drive (check out a program called unetbootin). With a persistent install you can save the changes you make and once you reboot you'll be back into windows. Another good way would be to install a virtual machine and install Linux into that (check out vmware or virtualbox. There are plenty of others to). This will allow you to run Linux *on top of* Windows within an application which is pretty damn handy if you want to use both at the same time. Wubi is an installer for Ubuntu which will set up your machine to dual boot (where you choose which OS to start when you boot your machine). The difference is that Linux is installed inside a file on Windows so if you dont have the confidence to play around with your filesystem you dont need to. It can also be removed with the "add/remove" program in control panel. If none of these appeal to you, you could just get a second machine. Something cheap will work but IMO alot of the modern distros are wasted on older hardware. You really want a machine that can do it justice, but it's still an option. Finally you could just suck it up, be a man, and install it on your main machine I know you posted a few days ago so might not even still be around but maybe this post will help someone else (even if it is slightly off topic)
  17. lol, cheers. Feels like i'm home again :P

  18. So basically unless you're in London you're screwed Just as an update i've moved from London to Staffordshire. Anyone from close by? I know it's been said before but us guys in the UK should get together for a massive binrev party! w00t! balder, if you're still around, Bath is a pretty nice city. I used to visit it all the time and I think I remember hearing about some hacker meetings in Bristol.
  19. I think it made *everyone* want to be a hitman for a while
  20. MIT and some other Universities provide video lectures free of charge to the public. Check out for a list of the Computer lectures they have. Youtube is also a pretty good place to look providing you can sift through some of the rubbish they have.
  21. Yea, just like a ninja :P

    Actually, i've been busy moving and stuff and i've been without an Internet connection for over a month :( just got it switched on today

  22. Dude that sucks. I would give the whole "plenty more fish in the sea" speech but i doubt that would help.

  23. Why the broken heart Stank?

  24. LOL @ your rep. Dunno why its so bad. Sure you're hard to understand and you give bad information....oh i see :P Wow! Checked out that youtube vid. You look exactly like Rick Astley

  25. Do you have synaptic open when running apt? You cant run two package managers at once.