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  1. Not gonna lie Stank, i've never heard of it. Is it the type of movie where i'll need to have read to comics to fully appreciate it?
  2. Love ya man but cant trust anyone online. Anyone remember the robots.txt honeypot on irongeeks site
  3. Here is a great site to get credit cards: I was going to kill this thread and instanban immediately but it made me rofl so I am letting it go for now. I was petrified of clicking on that. The Internet has reduced me to a quivering bundle of nerves when someone links to a URL I cant see first
  4. please can you let me know which prorerties i have to configure, when i saw both connections over there i am confuse. if i mesh up and unable to configure then i will reformat my computer again, so on which CONNECTION properties i have to configure. thanks I dont think you'll do anything so bad as to need reformating. At the most a system restore should be ok to get you back to where you started. If you havent done so already I would look into virtual machines. You can experiment with things to your hearts content and not worry about messing up your computer If you send a screenshot of your connections we can tell you which on to look at.
  5. Start > Run > ipconfig /renew <enter> Was that a joke? Depends on where you are in the world and which ISP you're using. It could be as easy as disconnecting and reconnecting your Internet or you may need to use a proxy. Im sure you'll find some if you google but beware not all proxies are run by good guys. Some are used to collect information (such as username/pass) of the sites you visit though the proxy.
  6. PM'd you
  7. "startx" without quotes should bring up kde. I'm not sure if you'll have to log in first but if you do the username is "root" and password is "toor" (again, no quotes on either). Feel free to PM me if you get any problems (or just use the forum )
  8. You'll want to use --bssid (notice the double dash). Also, im not sure what the -W is for. Do you mean -w (lowercase)?
  9. I use BT4 on my asus eee 701 and have no problems with my card.
  10. Ok, the error you're getting is because you cant put the interface into monitor mode, although it seems to be the correct interface. try: I've never had this problem before so cant offer much advice but i'm sure we'll get it working eventually If the above doesnt help try using "wifi0" instead of "ath0". Someone on the remote-exploit forums suggested this: Hope something helps
  11. You could be using the wrong interface. Using iwconfig without any arguments will show you your available wireless interfaces.
  12. First find out the interface of your card with iwconfig it looks like it'll be ath0 Assuming the interface is ath0 do: airmon-ng start ath0 This will put your card into monitor mode and create a kind of "virtual" interface named mon0. Failing that you can (try) and put your interface into monitor mode manually using iwconfig ath0 mode monitor
  13. I believe I went to 13, 14, 15, and 17, missing 16 because I was getting married. Lame excuse, I know. Ohai You missed defcon to get hitched? Under the thumb dude, under the thumb
  14. Thats a pretty cool girlfriend you have
  15. I think the Hak5 usb switchblade does something like this. Well, IIRC it allows you to silently copy all password etc when it's plugged in but i'm sure it could be modified to launch an application. I think it works by emulating the "autorun" feature on CD's so if its setup to launch what you want to install it should work.
  16. Exactly why I do my packet monitoring on a separate machine
  17. I was looking into hackintosh stuff last summer. Nice find, i'd like to try this out if I get a chance. I installed mac os on an old laptop but, like you, no wifi or ethernet and it was pretty slow but virtualbox would be pretty sweet.
  18. Thanx, but it's ok. I'm back to BT4 (Final) these days. I would still however like to follow Matriux, as they do seem to be off to a great start. Hopefully we will one day have a choice between 2 great pentest distros! ..... Isn't that what *nix is all about? .... Choice! ....I know there are others, but BT really nailed it. I would just like to see a few others come along with the same level of attention to detail. -gLi7cha Out of curiosity are you running BT as you main OS or just to boot into it?
  19. I've read this post 3 times and still can't decipher it.
  20. DVR man...DVR. If it wasn't for the DVR, I wouldn't even have cable again. I went without cable for about 2 years before I moved to Orlando. When I went back on cable here and got the DVR, it changed my life. I am not tied to the TV, I simply record it and watch it when I am bored or while I eat or read or whatever. I multitask a lot and watch TV while I do other things. I rarely watch shows the day that they air. I am usually several days or weeks behind. Also factor in that for every hour of television, after I fast forward through the commercials, it only take about 40 minutes for each show. I have mastered "Attack of the Show" on g4 so that I watch the entire 1 hour show in about7 minutes because it is mostly garbage. I jump to the funny videos, an occasional interview, and that is about it. I guess it boils down to you being l33ter than me. I can't multitask. At all. If i'm watching a film/tv program then that's all my little brain can cope with.
  21. I have a horrible voice and I don't have anything interesting to say That certainly didn't stop me from doing Default Radio! And people liked it - because people are stupid. That's the key factor to success that everyone fails to integrate into their plans. So the key to success is people's stupidity. Now i've said it out loud it makes perfect sense It'll definitely give me something to think about.
  22. When I heard about this I didnt quite know what to think. On the one hand I would hate to see Google in the position to monitor every Internet connetion but hopefully Google are only doing this to force other ISPs to deliver a better service to their customers. The more people online and at a higher speed the better for Google. They can offer more bandwidth demanding web apps with the ultimate goal of gathering more data about its users.
  23. I signed into MSN last year after not using it for a long time (at least 3 years) and got hit with a load of invites, all from spam bots so I feel your pain. Kinda interesting at first but after the 5th or so it got kinda annoying I've never used it myself but if you're willing to switch to pidgin you could try this
  24. I mainly use mplayer and rhythmbox. Rhythmbox is installed by default on Ubuntu (and why waste disk space on installing anything else) and mplayer is great for playing songs not in my library or when i'm laying in bed and want to play my music from the PC When I used to use KDE (a good few years ago) I always found amarok to be quite slow and resource heavy.