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  1. Oh yea, i see. I guess next time i see 5 threads pop up all with the same person as the last poster i should get suspicious
  2. HOLY CRAP!!! THAT STILL WORKS??? I thought that got patched in SP2
  3. preachy much? I know what you're saying but when you're young it's hard to get the same experience you would get by playing with a school network at home. It's hardly practical to have a huge, locked down network. I think most of us here learnt a lot of what we know from playing with school computers and it doesnt sound like s/he wants to "h4x0r t3h sk00l" to change his/hers grades. White_Raven is right to warn you, so dont do anything silly. Now, something to actually contribute to the thead: What are you actually trying to do? Just anything they wont let you? I think looking though the registery would be a good start. Have you tried logging onto the account locally? You might need to crack the password files which isnt too difficult (assuming they're using week passwords)
  4. Im new as well. I've been reading for a while and listening to the radio show. Im a pretty big computer geek but not really what i would call a hacker.
  5. My thoughts exactly. Well said!! Im always saying this to people but sometimes it feels like i'm preaching to the converted. The only people who seem to care and want to do something about it are the people who already use free/open source alternatives. I think the big companies need to start to make more of a stand. If companies didnt insist on exporting all there documents as docx then i doubt many people would have payed for/pirated office 2007 (same with other software, Office is just and example). Im actually under the impression that the likes of Microsoft, adobe etc wanted people to pirate there software. If little Jimmy pirates photoshop when he's young he'll grow up with the skills to use photoshop and work for a company that will have to buy legit copies. When companies change what software they consider "industry standard" then i think regular users will start to change as well
  6. wow, didnt know that. indecently it was about a year ago since i've used (well installed) beryl The first time i used beryl was on a laptop with a intel graphics and it worked well
  7. I think it's Beryl. The red diamond is a dead give away if you google beryl you'll find out lots more cool things you can do with it, although i've never used it with anything other that Gnome before.
  8. LOL, that reminded me of a time when i was at a friends house (when i was still in school - so a good few ago). I was at a smallish party and people started using the internet to play the bananaphone over and over again and it was really p***ing everyone off and i was like "d00d, stand back" and created a batch file that continually opened a new instance of iexplore with the url to the flash file until the computer crashed I think hearing banaphone play ontop of itself a hundred times changes you Ah man, the old days were fun!
  9. Take that back. BPS is awsome (a bit creepy) but still awsome. Who else can take down a super computer by using a phone to program and compile directly in hex i'm gonna assume that was to me. No i didnt. I got on pretty well with one of the admin. When he saw that we had created a little lan out of some spare PC's in the upstairs computer room and installed halflife on it and plugged it into the lan he started a "this is my network you cant do that blah blah blah" speech for about 1/2 hour (i felt kinda guilty afterwards). The admin was actually pretty l33t tho (actually one of the l33test people i've meet. He had some skills). He respected us and we respected him so we didnt do anything malicious. We did something cool just before we left, but i dont wanna say it here. It was quite a big deal and we would definitely get in trouble for it if someone i know read this post and put 2 and 2 together.
  10. Hmmm... my first hack. Well, like most of you, i think it was at school when i was about 16. Most executables were disabled and blocked so we could only run what they let us. Because some of us were doin a Computer course we had slightly higher privilages and so had access to CMD. I fired it up and tried to run some progs that way but no go. I then got the idea to copy them (the programs i wanted to run) onto the c:\ drive and lo and behold i could run any program i wanted. At first we started to just run emulators and things like that and the technicians found out so they disabled it (or so they thought). A simple vba macro got it back From this simple idea a few friends and i totally owned the school computers. We could run any program we wanted and so started to gain access to more and more things. By the end of the year we had unfiltered Internet access (portable firefox using some setting we found on a document for all the schools in the area - it allowed us to bypass the school proxy and use what they were using directly ), could plug any laptop/computer into the school network points and use the same trick to get internet, got wireless (guessed the router user/pass). I think the thing i liked the most was using every computer in the school as our personal file servers. The school had about 100 machines (maybe more) with decent sized hdd but we we're only allowed 50MB of network space. By guessing password, using previous flaws and just using what we learnt about the network we could access any hdd by using the hidden windows share c$. We would download Linux distros and stuff on one machine and pick 'em up later at a machine with a cd writer. If one machine was being rebuilt we would just copy our secret stash to another. We would also do other stupid stuff like have all the machines run crazy batch files at a certain time and things like that