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  1. Words of internet wisdom aside.. I don't think this is really the place for you to seek warez on. Sorry chief.
  2. Ummm I think you should ball up and do what you want. Weigh both decisions and decide. Dilemma over.
  3. I'm sure the interweb would keep going strong.
  4. You must be looking at some very small universities. I can't imagine interviewing over 20k students, and that isn't even one of the bigger ones here in the U.S.
  5. I would have to say whether or not you are in school, it is your time. If you choose to slack off and go onto 4chan when you are in english class or whatever class, that's your call. Keep in mind though it's someones stuff that you're on. If they have rules you should abide, but honestly at my school you could get away with murder on our computers. Some dumb ass found out our principals password when I was a junior or something, and screwed around with her profile. He got some detentions and that was it. Haha we actually had like a drop box that had a folder for all of our teachers and some guys put a game called armadillo run (kind of a cool fun little game) on our tech teachers profile so everyone could play it from whatever account. Once again though, the administration/tech teacher didn't really care. If you do something serious though, that could give your school legal troubles, or if whoever manages your schools network is a dick, (or just a guy who doesn't want to have to put up with you, which isn't necessarily a dick) your ass is grass. Honestly junior high/highschool was a drag and not that educational and if you don't plan on educating your self past highschool none of these warnings should matter to you, but you should weigh whether or not getting on to 4chan, or even binrev (which I couldn't get on in highschool) is worth expulsion, or even a detention. Then again, whether or not people here find this childish, its totall your call and I'm not trying to influence you one way or another. Just rambling I suppose. Knowledge is power, etc.
  6. It's like Morpheus' retarded gay niece decided to stop by binrev..
  7. And that part is actually very funny. I guess you like ZF0 for what they did? You're in the wrong place Not to mention SHEEPLES isn't a fucking word you moron. The only thing you could have meant with that misspell is "sheepless" which still doesn't make any sense. That sentence doesn't make any sense as a whole. As they close their eyes they are actually wolves in sheeps wool (clothes w/e)? I don't think comparing white hats to deceptive predators is what you were going for, but even if it was hur dur you're not making sense.
  8. lol wut?
  9. If it were real, why would it have just been registered yesterday? I doubt they could have a network of teachers/students/developers already using their service if they only got it public yesterday. Or did I miss something..
  10. Hehe my own personal definition of "music" is pretty loose as well, but even I'm skeptical. IMO "music" would imply that some human being deliberately put some effort into creating sound for artistic purposes. BTW, even if the platters aren't spinning, the head could be using its stepper motor to attempt a "seek" which might be generating some tones. I suspect the drive may be just making some random mechanical vibration that IndexPhinger is describing as "music." Until I see convincing evidence indicating otherwise, I'm going to assume that is the case. I'm sure you've all seen the videos of "singing" scanners and floppy drives. Some creative people have written special drivers for their peripherals to run the stepper motors at different speeds in order to generate specific tones to play music: Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" on a scanner: Vivaldi's "Spring" on a scanner: Most awesome yet, the Star Wars "Imperial Battle March" played on a floppy drive: That was pretty awesome.
  11. Hey now, hey now, don't dream its over

  12. lol agayster..
  13. Well I guess its good you did (although that wasn't really my intent). I was just wondering what they hell they were thinking lol..apparently the site itself created it??
  14. the one part I don't get is this.. 0_o "by binrev.com/" huh?
  15. duh