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  1. so, is the conscience god's direct line to someone's brain? i wonder how it is different people's consciences can lead them to opposite actions... also, why not prevent evil in the first place instead of just giving advice? what if someone makes their decisions with a careful, rational evaluation of the situation & its consequences instead of listening to their conscience? frankly, i find your definition of morality as "god's law delivered via conscience" inconsistent. it is contradicted in the case of two people's consciences prompting them to do opposite actions. there's also the fact that such a definition is making an unjustified assumption on the existence of a god, but that's an entirely different subject altogether. returning to the original topic, my opinion is that information & discussion should be as free as possible, with a minimum number of topics censored. I think that any topic should be up for discussion, provided the discussion itself won't directly harm someone physically or financially (yes, ignoring emotionally). obviously however, things are a bit stricter here in the interest of not having binrev taken down by DHS/ICE/whoever, which is regrettable but understandable to keep the community alive. there's still debate to do with the grey areas of free speech, but there's ways to indulge in such discussions away from prying eyes.
  2. this is sound advice. between the large unauthorized use of computers & network and the showing of pornography to minors, this is asking for serious punishment. best option imo. but, if you're still wanting to pull a prank, spend some time thinking about what would be hilarious without getting you in seriously deep shit if you're caught.
  3. i mainly use linux myself, but that's because my netbook's running ubuntu and i carry it everywhere with me. still play some games on the windows desktop though.
  4. they're protected so you can't just copy the files. i haven't done any windows password cracking in years, but two methods that may work would be either A) using kon-boot to do something as admin that would allow you to read the files or boot into a linux live CD to copy the files for later cracking. keep in mind though that i'm sure i'm missing something here, so you'll want to do some more footwork to figure out exactly what you need to do.
  5. irongeek had a good talk at phreaknic 14 about this, you should check out his presentation to give you some ideas:
  6. since backtrack 4 it's been based on debian, so as long as you can get it installed and running, you should be able to figure stuff out. since you'll probably use the terminal at least once, here's some commands to start off with: man, sudo, apt-get, apt-cache, init, exit, cd, ls, less, cat, ifconfig and iwconfig. most importantly, "man [command]" will pull up the manual page for [command], so if you're not sure what switches a command has or what it even does, you can always use man to find out. aside from that, if you run into problems i'm sure you can just ask us, or find a solution via google.
  7. i've never had to myself, but i hear a pass or two with dd if=/dev/null or something will do it.
  8. i could be wrong on various things since the last time i've really worked with a microsoft network was in high school, but i think this is just a 'URL' for internal use on a microsoft domain. for example, each computer would have a hostname, like lab01 for lab computers, or print01 for a print station. you would then specify hosts using the //[hostname]/ format. if you have the chance to get on a windows network with shared storage or resources (like you would typically find in a public school) you can poke around some, viewing the hosts in the windows domain and the resources they share, noting the resource's path is usually of the form //[hostname]/blab/blah. i've barely looked at this stuff over the past few years, but i'm almost positive that's what this is.
  9. eh, it might be a better use of time to learn to use chemistry-related tools. i know there's matlab for engineering tasks, maple/mathematica/R for math, and many other simulators for physics and engineering purposes, i would assume there's something you can use for chemistry that would have some sort of scripting ability like those other programs. then you can do the chemistry things you have to with software designed for it without having to deal with the programming overhead of doing the equivalent with c++/java/CUDA/OpenGl/etc.
  10. also, i think this was the joke:
  11. looks pretty fishy to me. i googled a random sentence in the product description claiming to be an excerpt from the book and came up with this wikipedia article: given that amazon's had a problem with books composed entirely of info scraped from wikipedia, i'd give this book a pass. i'd bet its chapters are just the wikipedia pages for each of those groups and nothing more. proof:,+it+has+existed+since+the+realization+of+the+benefits+of+intelligence+gathering+and+long+before+the+invention+of+the+computer+or+internet
  12. how much have you guys read into this? this isn't some kind of secret big-brother datamining operation to generate a profile for everyone who considers themself a "hacker" and load it into a giant database. this is research for the purpose of creating a model TO profile the perpetrator of a crime in order to dispense justice for said crime. check page 35 of this pdf, it lists what i suppose are the separate categories they've come up with so far: and if you don't want to download the pdf, i'll just list them here. they seem pretty accurate to me
  13. i listened to the pilot and it seems like a good show. it's not too long, it flows well in a conversational way, the sound quality is good, and the WiiRD sounds like a blast to play around with. i can't think of any complaints, but i'm not very picky. i'll listen to the second one sometime and see how it is.
  14. nice i'll give it a read, see how it is and send the feedback your way.
  15. while we don't have a section devoted specifically to farmville, you're welcome to hang around and check out whatever topics we may have. this one seems to be the main farmville thread here, though it isn't necessarily very active: