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  1. i usaly just have a few aliases, cause i like single letter command things. install the gnuls package, wich will give you the same ls command and linux distros use. bsd's ls supports colors, you just cant change them.
  2. not even, for the website one, its a java client, no need to register to. but you can also simply message a "MyIPRelay" via AIM, and it goes right through. Its a internet system for deaf people, pretty much you log onto the site and register, then they set you with an operator and whatever you type in they say to the person. No matter what... It was probaly one of your friends, this john u i suspect. I forget the name of the site i used to use, we used to play jokes on people with it, call their phones and such. ←
  3. ya so, whats with AOL raising there dialup costs, so "people move to broadband". they dont give a fuck if people move the broadband, they just want more money, fucking fucks... oh, and AOL is evil because of there cd's, i'v never used there service, so i cant comment (apperently its pretty shitty). now, on to the USB modem you got there, well... theres your problem, its fucking usb. try this
  4. lol, your brothers an idiot.
  5. haha, thats awsome.
  6. Before i start: thanks i got it working via SOCKS but umm what do you mean tor for ssh is not nice? ← well, for normal shit, bouncing ssh off all the other computers is generaly a bad idea. unless of course, your doing somthing not nice, in wich case..
  7. firstly, why would you use tor for ssh, thats not nice... and yes, you need to use SOCKS, tor is a SOCKS proxy, and just SOCKS, it fucking... needs privoxy to use http and work with most browsers, just set it to the socks port, whatever that is..
  8. its not new, pretty old. and GRC has a great explination blah[/ur] at least i think thats the same one, i barly read the news story.
  9. i gurentee you there is no javaVM for it, thus no limewire. maybe, MAYBE, you can get another gnutella client on it, but i doubt there is one already coded. im pretty sure it comes with ftp, http and other clients though.
  10. schools and other networks, almost always block regedit.exe, funny thing is... they dont block writing to the register, just the running of the editor. what does this meen? third party editor...
  11. librarys are things programs use, to... do stuff, a way of extenilizing code. they can be for decoding video/audio, or system calls, or... doing anything... and ya, there pretty importent.
  12. fullsize
  13. is it just me, or is that an ugly site?
  14. whenever i used to do it (havent in a year or two), i'd use pwdump2 to dump a hash, and crack that with john the ripper, usaly got the pass in >5 minuts.
  15. type echo $TERM and paste it here, gotta have more info...