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  1. Yeah I know that my intentions weren't good at first but like I said after I changed the contents I want to make useful ones. Also since I'm better at C++ I'm going to work on that too.
  2. Okay well yeah my ideas where a bit over the top with the batch file programs... But when you say "Make something useful" what exactly do you mean? I mean I know there are some useful things that I can do with batch files because I've made a "command client" thing in DOS which had "easy access commands" but really all it was was just :(Command Name Here) -Put what the command does so yeah I mean I know some stuff about batch files but the full potential I don't know... Plus with Vista some command lines don't work even with full administrative access... So couldn't I just make a C++ program that would execute the same thing as a way to "bypass" the Vista security because when a C++ program runs I noticed that it runs as SYSTEM instead of Administrator which gives the program more leverage and flexibility towards the lines of code... I'm going to look up more about Batch Files on Google but please keep giving me feedback and helpful hints
  3. Cool dude thanks.
  4. Seems like you're no hacker wiz either. Stop being malicious and trying to one-up your classmates with your lame batch files. Share ideas and learn from each other, a 1337er than thou attitude won't get you far. Okay well your post doesnt really help me out in any way does it? What I wanted was feedback (which you gave) and how you would go about doing this... Also, I know more than you think, and I know that batch files are gay, but when you're dealing with stuck up rich kids that don't know the difference between hacking and typing in random lines of code in a black box of which outprints pretty flashing letters of which look important... A batch file program is probably good enough for them. Plus putting the batch file on a computer will scare the people into thinking that you can do more than you actually can...
  5. I never really had a "first" hack. I had a series of hacks at the same time that allowed me to do some damage to some kids files. Step 1). At my school you weren't allowed to access command prompt even through "run > cmd" so I figured out the problem of why it wouldn't work. So I looked into my system32 folder at home and got command prompt from that... If you're wondering how this worked heres how stupid my IT Department is. They simple deleted the "cmd" command from system32 which was a smart move sorta. But the idiots forgot the rest of the other commands so all I had to do was copy mine. Step 2). Once I had command prompt I then was able to use the netsend command to all of my friends and I freaked them out. It said stuff like "WARNING: The file " (I would name the file that they where on) " contains a virus and the computer is infected. Please restart the computer to avoid any more damage" and some other junk. Step 3). I then sent a message to one of the teachers (I found their username via ddeshare) saying that I was the computer administrator. I sent a message that asked for their password in need of a security check because my school had detected a recent "security breach" and that they needed to send it to an email address that I created that looked like "(I put my school name here)@yahoo.com" and so the teachers would see the school name and send it to that address thinking that it was real. Step 4). Once I had my teachers usernames and passwords I then brought my laptop to school (it had wireless connectivity) and so I cracked to password to the network whilst the IT Teacher was out of his room (I honestly felt like I was in some mission impossible movie because I had a camera set up in front of the teachers room and I could view it from my friends computer, he was a tech wiz and knew a whole bunch of programs that were really cool...) Step 5). After I got the password and could access the schools website, I logged in on the website and was able to change my grades... But the teachers (this was the flaw of my plan) wrote down the grades in their gradebook and so they realized that the grades where changed. They then changed them back and there was a huge announcement before school about how someone changed the grades in the school computer and so they wanted to know who it was... Step 6). I eventually got caught (don't ask me how it happened) but instead of getting punished I actually got rewarded (sorta) and the IT Teacher asked me how I did it. So I told him and he was impressed that a kid at my age (at the time was 11) could figure that out and pull it off to change my grades. So he let me teach the class one day about computer security and saftey (more like made me). But I got out of it with no demerits or anything and the IT Teacher also didn't realize that I was already working on my next scheme...
  6. ~~After reading the comments that some of you posted, I decided to change my purpose of hacking Vista and now I just want to take it one step at a time~~ My first step is to figure out how to bypass the Vista blocks on System32 modification and other things. Next I will then figure out some more useful things that I can do with batch files Thirdly I will try to get Vista to work for me and be able to do some amazing tasks Thanks for any help, - Mimz
  7. Awesome first post. You should keep running with that idea. I'm sure if some others contributed it could be an awesome thread.

  8. You sir, are awesome. =P Anti-nazi? Awesome. Your signature image? Awesome. Annoyed? Not me.

  9. I suggest you take a look at the difference between compiled and interpreted languages. C++ is a compiled language, so what you write is converted into a machine understandable form. If you are looking to exploit any kind of programmed computing device you need to know much more than just C++. For a computer, it would probably be x86 assembly language. For a portable device it will be another variant of asm dependant on the device. The fact you are asking if you can run windows on a DS suggests you do not understand much about computer architectures. I would recommend a book called structured computer organisation as a good starting point (assuming you have some basic computer knowledge). The rest of your questions kinda lead on from there, so I will leave it here. Hope this helps. Yes I have sorta covered that topic with the other guy... What my intentions where is that I could overwrite the system code with another code. When you talk about how C++ is compiled into a computer readable form, you mean kinda like how Java has class files of which are read by the JRE downloadable file. Only with C++, it can be read no matter what and that I don't need an extra program to run it. So all I would essentially have to do is either 1. Find some way to get an editable source code for the device and then edit it that way 2. Make another code that essentially overwrites the original code
  10. Yeah well obviously before I actually start doing that I would have to research it more and learn how to solder before I even start taking apart the thing and then I need to figure out how to actually program the chip... At my high school they have a robotics class so I'll ask them about programming the chips and how to add them into the "brain" of the computer. But yeah thanks for the idea.
  11. Oh and that link gave me an idea... What if there was someway that I could modify the firmware chip in the gaming system to run differently... Or take out that firmware chip and replace it with a new one which would essentially make the system not the system anymore but something totally different but still in the system's body... I'm just thinking though...
  12. About the "inject" code... What I meant was kinda use a... not a brute force but something like that... what the code would do is it would somehow overwrite or match the code and make it to where I can change the way it is. Think of like how in biology theres something called a bacteriophage and it injects its DNA into other bacteria so that it can infect it... That's what I want to do but with C++ I don't know if this is correct, but I think the way to overwrite the firmware is too upload the code from somewhere your device can download it from. You personally would have too write code that would delete the current stuff and install the new code. I have updated firmware for Zunes and iPods before but I never overwrote it entirely different. Updating is technically "overwriting" with a new more recent version. If I were you I would read up on firmware as much as I can so you can construct a good idea to overwrite Most device would probably run C or C++. Wii: I know the Wii has two USB ports and Wifi and Bluetooth. All ways you could exploit for downloading. And the current firmware released was 3.0. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firmware The same with the PS3, XBox, and a whole bunch of other stuff... Every gaming console has a USB port in it... But you don't see many exploits for gaming consoles. So I want to figure out how to exploit them. I mean people have "hacked" the Wiimote and made software so that a person could use it on a blackboard but make it a SmartBoard type thing. Also 3d perception too. So if I can somehow figure out how to hack the system using a code then I might be able to make the system "my own"
  13. About the "inject" code... What I meant was kinda use a... not a brute force but something like that... what the code would do is it would somehow overwrite or match the code and make it to where I can change the way it is. Think of like how in biology theres something called a bacteriophage and it injects its DNA into other bacteria so that it can infect it... That's what I want to do but with C++
  14. Try learning the Lock codes for your phones and stuff... You can just google them, and then mess around with those options... I have a Chocolate through Verizon and I found those lock codes easily. Theres also the PROGRAM menu which I think you might be able to access... not sure... it works for my phone Type ##PROGRAM(Then the version of your phone) The version will be something like VX8550 (Yours will be different but thats my version number) So overall it'll look like this... "##PROGRAM8550" and then you press send. I'm not sure if it will work on yours or not but I thought I might as well put it out there... This menu doesnt do much but show you whats in your phone(IE. Your phones proxy, ip adresses, and other junk)
  15. Well I bet if I knew the style of programming that the games where made from then I might be able to... I mean I know XBox uses C# and they base theirs from Visual C#, however I think Nintendo might use C or C++ for their games because thats what most video game designers now a days use... Some browser based games use Java though so idk... But anyways thanks for the idea