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  1. I just had a question I was wondering if someone could help me with. I have several laptops I got off eBay. Me and my daughter recycle them as kind of a hobby. We have several on the shelf here that are BIOS passworded. The main ones I want to unlock is OmniBook 900B's. I have tried the unlock6 1.0 and I have the unlock6 1.1 but heres my problem. I didnt get any documentation with it. I dont umderstand how to use it. It gives me options for scan code, upper case, lower case, and all that but im not sure how to go about doing it. Do I put the number then space and then hash code, number then hash code and space then zero? I just dont know how to go about generating a code. it might not even work for the OmniBook 900Bs but I want to give it a try. Atleast I will have it if I run across a laptop it works on. Many thanks to someone for helping me with this. I just cant figure it out. Im thinking it works just like the 1.0 but I wanted to make sure. Shane