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  1. As to "why" this old thing isn't happening anymore, at least "publicly" anyway is obvious. Now that I look back on what I started as a topic for this thread I mean. I forgot when it was the early 80's, there were no laws that were being broken, as in what I saw simply was not illegal back then. Those laws came later so this is why I no longer see it discussed publicly out in the open. So I answered my own question today as I was looking back on my threads question. Now I can unsubscribe from my old topic. I had forgotten it was even here till I found it by accident today. Whatever.
  2. Thanx everybody but for some unknown reason firefox & doesn't work on Debian 5.0. No biggy though since I found the non-terminal solution myself (finally). I'll post it here in case someone else needs it and Googles for it : -when downloading the tar file, choose to have it open in Archive Manager. -in Archive Manager, be sure the file is highlighted then click the "Extract" button. As this point it opens a window where you can choose where to extract it to - choose where you want to keep your download programs at (personally, I made a desktop folder called "programs" for easy use). -now just right-click an empty place on the desktop and choose "create launcher". This will give you a window where you can type in the name of it you want to give it (what you're doing is creating an icon to launch this program with - the icon is chosen by the program you're trying to launch). Then click the browse button and browse to the downloaded program folder you just extracted someplace - find the file whose name consists of only the programs name (no extension on it either), choose this and click "ok". Now you'll have that programs icon sitting on the desktop which you can double click to run the program you downloaded. These steps will place the programs icon on the desktop "done the linux way", as opposed to Windows where an exe file once double clicked and installed does this for you. That's it.
  3. That's exactly what I thought.
  4. Agreed.
  5. Examples of what's in this which may be useful/interesting are : Categories of Classification US Classifications for collateralSpelled out in full, in uppercasePortion markings are the first letters in each word capitalized in parenthesesFour classifications Portion MarkingsTOP SECRET (TS)SECRET (S)CONFIDENTIAL ( C )UNCLASSIFIED (U) Categories of Classification SCI Control Systems and Code Words Three SCI systems in published Register:-COMINT (SI) -GAMMA (-G) sub-control system of COMINT -TALENT KEYHOLE (TK) -HUMINT (HCS) Available HERE .
  6. Then execute it: firefox & ?????? Is that what I actually type in to execute it, or was that a typo?
  7. Really? Fascinating. That made for good reading. This forum needs a delete button. I can't find it. Lol. I know it, but there isn't one. Wonder why not?
  8. Thanx. As I figured, when ya want something useful, seek a hacker for the answer. "Supposedly", my ISP had a newsgroup server. That's what one tech support person said. Then another said they did not. Still another said they did but it was for people who subscribed to a different internet package than what I had and would require an upgrade. Still another rep said not only did they have one but walked me through the steps to set up access to it. After all this stupidity, I gave up since trying to access it wasn't working for whatever reason . Nice to see someone has one that works, finally! Swell. I just set mine up for and it actually works..... wow. Thought I'd never see the day.
  9. The title says it all. This is a Linux question, which I forgot to say... sorry. An example of what I recently tried to install was Firefox for Linux and Googled "how to" and nothing I tried worked. Various suggestions were explained which involved typing stuff into the terminal, but all of it failed. Plus, another issue was that I was hoping to find the way to install and execute a program some other way than via the terminal, but found nada. I really don't want to do it via terminal commands (which failed for me anyway) - If only I could recall how I did it before when I had OpenSUSE 11, but I don't. Does anyone know the other way or ways to do this? If so, let me know. I have Debian 5.0.0 at the moment if this matters. Thanks for any replies. Edit : Added that this was a Linux question.
  10. I agree. Plus - That part of the article seems a bit odd to me because if they really weren't allowing these sorts of penetration techniques, then anyone who knows how to use these techniques (who is black hat) will have a field day since this would leave themselves open with the vulnerabilities intact. This fact seems hard to believe, that they'd leave themselves open in this way - this makes me think this part of the article is off somehow because of this, IMO.
  11. Really? Fascinating. That made for good reading.
  12. What's the point of changing your local IP address, exactly? I like his reply . He didn't really answer you as to why bother changing it.
  13. You've found a nice and free NNTP server? Would you mind sharing the info on that with me? I've been looking for one myself. Even if UseNet is pretty much a dead end, I'd still like to check into some other places (if there are any). Same here. People - If anyone has any, please post - we await you.
  14. I'm in 303. When I call 7 digits from my Verizon Wireless, I always get a CCBCAD recording.
  15. Swell . Now I wonder this : Which is easier to do? To install Linux on usb or not, considering I'd use VM we've been discussing. Do you happen to know?