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  1. typical lucky225.
  2. Cool, but havn't you said that every issue?
  3. Are you sure you're being DoS'd? I have a feeling maybe you're taking the firewall warning messages too literal. They are always claiming that someone is DoS'ing you, even for a ping.
  4. you've ruined my day
  5. Yeah, plus you get the benefit of being 0wn3d because the gaim team takes months to patch bugs.
  6. A lot of people liked john wayne gacy jr too.
  7. The funny thing is the guy was too scared to use his real handle, when the person he's posting about is in jail. Even then, it has nothing to do with a dead thread from 10 months ago that makes no mention of it.
  8. The screen itself doesn't have to be bruteforced... in the most basic form, you'd just need a sniffer to see what's happening, then proceed from there. Thinks like ssl or private protocols can slow you down a little bit... but not much.
  9. Like doing just that. AD has been banned from discussion on any real cracking boards because the author attached some of the worst ad/spyware to the last few releases so he could make money. He then claimed to take it out but left it in. But, i'm sure you're smart and all, it was the proxy that opened that port, you're the right one.
  10. The proxy isn't the thing responsible... it would be your stupidity, especially since you think the proxy is.
  11. most likely caused by exploit scanners using googles inurl feature. Everyone's seen it.
  12. I was never told I couldn't touch your network, does that mean I can do whatever I want with it? You did cause a scenario where a network breach was possible. You're just too stupid to realize it. "Someone" should give them a call and point them towards the right direction, then they can laugh at your sue comment while the feds bust your door down. Yes you are. Study hall isn't a place for you to do whatever the hell you want. If they don't get you into any legal trouble, I hope they atleast bar you from using their computers.
  13. :cry: I'm touched... With so many one word useless posts from you, I would have never expected you would try to form a coherent post towards me... you must care! <3<3<3<3 smootches!
  14. Thanks for the compliment, and for reiterating what everyone else had already said just to try and attack me. Sniffles?
  15. much love to kcpd! lol