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  1. Has anyone looked at this: It has heaps of codes and peoples posts about their experiences.... Also, I found this: Unlock6 Link (checked OK at 3:24AM GMT+8 12 Nov 2008)
  2. Dude, I'm not sure if you are able to do this but .... You seem to have a clue or two so why not try downloading and using netstumbler. It should show you the signal strength and channel use of all WI-FI it can see. At least you'll be able to see what happens "when someone uses the phone". Try it on Windows (it is simple to install and use) and watch for strangeness when someone makes a call. If you can, there are heaps of linux tools that will show you more, so find one and try it. Knoppix is a good start - it's a live CD that has stacks of WI-FI tools built in. Oh yeah, it would help if you could post the chipset of your Wi-FI adapter - some are know to be better than others! I reckon it is to do with power levels as mirrorshades suggests. Although this (see quote below and the supplied link to the right) may contradict the above suggestion: Vista article on I am a wireless communications engineer and have experience troubleshooting WI-FI. In general, cordless phones BLAST out signal and are known to be poorly regulated whereas AP's follow some rules (usually). I suspect the problem is a combination of Windows Vista (Microsoft is good at what they do but not great) and the phone BLASTING when a call is made. You can discover the problem (using netstumbler or something like it) but you may not have as much luck fixing it. Vista is really just a prettied up XP (XP is just a prettied up Windows 2000) and most hardware vendors still haven't written good drivers for Vista. Ubuntu (and other linux'es) on the other hand is not developed for financial reward and the community supports it, chances are that whoever wrote the linux drivers for your wireless adapter actually knew what they were doing (most linux developers have a good hardware knowledge!!). Do your self a favour and follow the advice given by the other posters in this topic, switch your phone to another frequency. If you are just curious and want to figure it out, start with netstumbler. By the way, I had issues with netstumbler v4 on Vista the 1st time I tried it. I had to first disable all the extra "security" in Vista before I got netstumbler to work. Footnote: I'm not anti Microsoft at all, I just think linux is better... Either way dude, good luck...
  3. Hi All, Yes I am a nube. I am hoping someone will be able to help me with a supposedly simple cypher. I have been told it is called BINREV (strange that a google leads me to this site but what the heck) The code consists of symbols that replace letters. The key has something to do with a tic-tac-toe style grid (noughts and crosses where I am from) and letters of the alphabet are represented by characters like this: [ ] ^ V < > I can't find any helpful info on the net so I am asking here! I am really surprised that a primary school kid knows the code but I can't find anything on the net about it... Any help will be gratefully appreciated. smokinXP