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  1. KDE 4.0 Beta is here! For those of you who haven't heard, KDE 4 is getting much closer to a stable release. KDE 4 Live CD:
  2. year: 10000? <edit> && never expires? </edit>
  3. I saw the commercial awhile ago...anyone tried it? Is it any good? <edit>Probably should have gone in PnG, but I was in the Misc section, and just clicked add topic</edit>
  4. Maybe this'll help...
  5. Damn, that sucks. PhreakBlaze has it now, and it won't let him on the internet.
  6. When my friend faxbacked my number as a joke, it showed up as that number, maybe that helps ...
  7. lmao, thats sweet
  8. great links, ive been meaning to learn vb lately.
  9. isn't passive mode for ftp similar to the RealVNC viewer with listening sort of setup?
  10. NJ, npa 732
  11. the red part of the cable should be facing youif it is correctlyinserted in the mobo. and if the light is still on, just flip it on one side
  12. well, i can answer the floppy thing, the cable is probably in backwards, otherwise, i can't answer the rest
  13. ROTFLMFAO!!!! that was fuckin great! i needed that!
  14. nice text, also, it is informative if i ever go to O'ahu. Thanks for the good read
  15. when i try to telnet to it, it says connection refused