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  1. dinscurge, search for locomotive diesel turbos. i heard those are pretty big. maybe you can get a used military generator turbine.
  2. search the backtrack forum or wiki. you will find your answers there. Do you have ICS on?
  3. intel is currently trying to kick their own @ss.... hahahaha.
  4. in regards to the turbine idea... google for homebuilt turbines. or even youtube. they are built using a turbocharger and a combustion chamber. If set up correctly, you can get a lot of torque from one of them. attach a motor to the turbine shaft on the intake side (less manipulation than deflecting the exhaust). but remember that for every energy direction change, you lose energy. With something like this, you want it to be as efficient as possible.
  5. ok, i know a few car manufacturers out there are already doing this. hardware: Asus eeepc with ssd wifi gps ecu access touch screen kit idea: gut the pc from its case. leave the screen and motherboard as 1 unit. Separate the keyboard and use the touchscreen as the trackpad. obviously place the keyboard someplace easy to use. incorporate the GPS unit so you can set it and forget it. use the whole system as a entertainment/directions/diagnostics machine. This came to me while daydreaming at work. i work in a factory doing the exact same thing for hours on end with no deviation except a 10 min and a 15 min break in 8 hrs. the wifi would work for me because my car is about 45ft from my pc when im home. i would use it for media transfer and *possibly* some wardriving. the ecu part would only really work if you have real-time control over it. the whole system would be relatively cheap, other than wrench time. I'm thinking about trying it, but i thought i would ask around for ideas and suggestions first.
  6. key sniffing on the cc2420
  7. I have a ton of resources for you if you would like: - a set of ollydbg tuts. The site they are on has a lot of cracking in general info. - this site has some diablo stuffs on it. Here is good too. a process monitor and a registry monitor are invaluable tools. A possibly good resource for said crack, would be to look at the EXE that has already been cracked. Kind of like a tutorial... On the disassembly side of things, which one you choose is up to you. For the most part its a matter of preference. A good hex editor helps.
  8. 8th grade: I didnt research too much before i dug in. Sometimes my projects worked... sometimes not. Thats where I learned the majority from. Trial and error. I started with simple alarm clocks and radio control cars though. Once I got into it, then I started taking classes and reading. I found it easier to learn though if I actually tried what I was learning. Now(23 yrs old): I have a 30gb collection of ebooks all computer/electronics related that I read through. I am still learning. Moral of the story: Find a place to start and keep at it. If you stay with it, you will never run out of things to try and hopefully, more work than don't work
  9. I like the oil pressure switch idea. I have most of the design in my head so far, just yet to get it on any sort of medium ppl can understand. I really like that ops idea. The one sensor that wont really move until the engine gets to a high enough rpm to actually move oil. hmmmm.....
  10. argh! The cell phone will not be acting as a cell phone! Ok. Skip the cell phone idea. Maybe I will go the arduino route. I liked the looks of the sample code by indexphinger. That still leaves the question of how the arduino will tell whether or not the engine actually started or just cranked for n seconds. And a Clock circuit. A whatever would be needed to tell it arduino what day of the week it is. Maybe I could incorporate a "keypad" into the system like on transporter. That would be neat. If I'm going to go the homebrew route, I might as well go all out! Suggestions, hints, and questions are welcome!
  11. apparently i missed something. The only reason i chose a cell phone was for the ease of adaptation for me. the cell phone wont be active. ie cant receive or send calls, or texts. I just liked the amount of options you have with a cell alarm, vs an alarm clock( looking for a pair of wires/contacts vs pinning out a digital "ok, ring the alarm" signal.)
  12. I want to build a timed car starter for my 92 lebaron that uses a cell phone(not activated) to provide the start command. Not too sure on the electronic guts of the whole thing yet, just searching for ideas. So far I know I want to use the voltage being passed to the motor on the vibrate setting when the alarm goes off to start the process. From there, Im not sure. I know I would need a timer for the cranking duration. Something to count the number of retries if unsuccessful on the first try. A timer to delay the next try. A sensor to tell it to stop trying once started. The cell phone alarm will be used to start the car at the pre-determined time. Example, when leaving for work, and when leaving work to come home. I need yet another timer to kill the engine if I call off and forget about the starter being present and active. timer: old cell phone with vibrate feature. Mon-fri only alarm option. control: some fancy electronics I have yet to design/build car: 92 lebaron. Takes FOREVER to warm up. Location: Home and work. (3rd shift) Any suggestions out there?
  13. i have no idea how young i was, but... our family had an old gateways 2000 desktop with a pentium 75 and win3.1 installed. I overclocked it with the jumpers to 150mhz and installed 98 on it. i ran with no extra cooling for another year and a half. then i went to check one day how hot the cpu got and burnt the piss out of my finger. I dumed the whole thing on the floor. End of that pc. Not really a hack. in highschool, network access was limited only on initial access. No shortcuts and such. I found my way in with the word link trick and browsed for a while. I came accross the template used for report cards and made my own a few times. Only worked on my parents though. That is what got me started.
  14. isnt this just like the argument about ford vs gm vs DC? Its all in what your comfortable with right? Somebody should start a thread about " What do you like and dislike about your os('s)? " Dont rip on somebody else's choice.... unless it's one of your kids. Otherwise, dont worry about it. If you have the position of computer repair, then look at it this way... JOB SECURITY. The perfect OS doesnt exist. Not a single one of them is flawless. I would like to hear some constructive criticism on the subject.
  15. if you get a 7.2v rc battery pack, those can easily supply over 3-4 amps. you wouldnt need to drop the voltage that far. and the nimh versions last a long time in high draw applications. I started with nicad in my rc car, and switched to nimh due the nicad developing a "memory." I have yet to have an issue with battery life. In an rc car, depending on construction, the motors and all associated electronics will continualy draw 2+ amps from the battery. A generic battery should do the trick. a little pricey, but with a little browsing, you could do a lot better.