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  1. i was away for quite some time, but been back now and i dont post alot , but i read alot of the posts here regularly, whether logged in or not.
  2. yeah but if it was the same model as the screen before the backlight power supply board should have the same socket, least every laptop screen ive seen has sockets, id just be unscrew un plug old one plug in new one and screw it back together yeah i was trying to do an HP screen with a toshiba unit, once i pulled it all out it seems that it would have proven to be much more trouble than its worth.
  3. i found that the power lines will be quite a pain to replace, esp for someone who isnt great at soldering
  4. All i can say is that hacking isnt about destroying, its about creating. If you ask how to do something without putting an ounce of effort into it, other than asking, then you will probably be the next poster boy in line to be thrown into jail and give the entire community even worse publicity.
  5. Thanks for the info, i have looked up each of the laptops i have for parts besides the toshiba and found that it would be trivial to do this with something other than a toshiba. They seem to make the proprietary changes that you mentioned. I dont wanna harm the circuitry of the laptop o wanna use so im gonna do as you suggested and use it as a desktop for now. I have decided however to make this an onboard pc for my vehicle once i have the money to get the small monitor and wiring harnesses ill need. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I have a broken screen on a toshiba laptop i acquired. The system runs fine after checking it on an external monitor. I have two different HP laptops of similar age and wondered if anyone has successfully modded the screen to fit. I have never attempted this and wondered what issues i might run into. Any information or instruction would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  7. i dont have android so this might not be correct, but i would assume if the card can be put inot the phone and the phone connected and have the drive come up as a removeable drive on the disk mgr, then you should be able to format it.
  8. wow might not be such a tinfoil hat site
  9. anyone have a good list of some less published fleas like this one ?
  10. i agree that is quite scary, and now google is trying to get the medical records thing going again i dont want google to have my medical records, or any of my info for that matter.
  11. i dont think ive ever heard a better response to this question than what phr34kc0der said. Thats just the way it goes. If your curious about something, do searches on it and read, then search what you dont understand in that. Hacking isnt about disrupting other people's hard work. Its about making things better and providing services and answers, not taking them away. Keep reading until you become enlightened, otherwise your just gonna be another media exploit that ends up in jail.
  12. Like systems_glitch and tekio advised there are many types of areas. You might not necessarily know what are you want just by knowing what game you want to hack or whatever. Basicly hacking means understanding and modifying to suit your needs. It doesnt mean breaking security or any of what the media portrays. I learned by taking one item that i wanted to know about and then i did a search and read every bit of material i could find about it. In those readings i found thiungs i wasnt too familiar with so i looked up those topics and read everything i could on them and so on and so on. Eventually i started to put the whole picture together and developed theories and tried to prove them. I think anyone here can attest that after a while everyone comes to a certain point where things just start to fall into place and you can analyze on your own without guidance, from there you just need to follow your interests. There really isnt like a set path to take, everyone finds their own paths based on their needs/curiosity.
  13. i havent messed with it at all but i would assume a windows map drive directive would help in this fashion and im sure a little bash script for auto mounting could be made relatively easily
  14. I just built a new system and used an ssd drive instead and its absolutely amazing. Using win7 ultimate for now and i boot in 5 seconds complete, no lie.
  15. I have read quite a few articles about this and i guess what is epected is a ddos attack. I also read that not all so called members , which supposedly there are none, will participate or condone this action. I dont know whether i would consider an attack the appropriate action, but i can understand that normal protest methods can just be passed off as "oh how cute, theres a protest" so more drastic approaches are sought. The big question is will this change anything for the time it is down? Doing it just to do it as opposed to trying to make a statement and having the statement heard and understood.