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  1. Hi guys, I am new in this forum; however, i can;t believe nobody mentioned thinstall, If you want to have goods apps in your computers, why don;t you put there the ones that you always use in your computer??? Thininstall can do that for you. I have in my 4 GB flash drive: office 2003, many of the nirsoft portable apps, firefox (thinstall version), photoshop, winrar, trillian, gom player (with the k-lite codecs), truecrypt, nexus radio, camstudio, audacity, faststone image viewer, product key explorer, winscp, freecap, magic iso, foxit, free proxy, vidalia, lanspy, eraser, angry ip scanner, hfs, network scanner, putty, vnc, most of the sysinternals tools, a whole bunch of all my command line tools. etc I have about 50 or 60 tools in a single executable file, and the executable starts pretty fast. I was thinking about givin it away in my website; however, I think i will get in trouble if i do so. Anyway, if you guys want a copy or want me to give a guide to create a single executable with all the tools you want, please let me know and i will start a threat with all the info. BTw, if you are gonna create it yourself, do not create a executable bigger than 1.7 GB, for windows xp (32 bit) won;t be able to display the icon. The executable i have is about 700 MB in size