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  1. I was so funny during my senior year in high school i only had 3 real classes the rest of the time i was a tech aid and i had one "advance" computer class but most of the time i was having to put computers together or install programs. Our computer teacher was the old typing teacher which means that's what you learn how to type not fun. That's why the last 6 weeks of my senior year i had a 55 in the class and she started passing out the final to the other seniors that wanted to take it i asked my buddy if i should take it he looked it over and said sure. I made a 99 on that test with out even seeing the study guide or even studying for it. But tech isn't a big priority in this county and my highschool was always last to get anything done to it. but whatever i'm out and don't have to go back.
  2. I was just wondering about everyone else's high school computer classes. The ones at my school were a joke just learning office programs or typing. there was one webdesign class which i never took but it was just html which i already knew about. so how were the computer classes at your high school?
  3. it was a combination of me teaching myself and being taught by my dad but of course being a farm boy i've hacked many things other than tech. Of course we call it jerry rigging.
  4. i found binrev through the talk strom and black ratchet did on asterisk and i did some searching and found the podcast then finlly found the archive and listen to all the shows and then the forums
  5. Hello Nubie here after seeing that this thread is 42 pages long I don't know if anyone checks this anymore but i was going to give my intro anyway. I got into hacking and such a little late but of course that's because I'm form the great state of Alabama and I live in the sticks still with dial up but that's another story. I've listen to all the binrev podcast and really like that sort of stuff it sucks that they don't record it anymore. I'm into hardware hacking and phone phreaking not so big on the software side I had a year of computer engineering classes at uah but since I couldn't speak Chinese and a few personal problems I left after a year oh what fun. That's pretty much where I am now so i'll get back to looking around the forums Great site keep up the good work.