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  1. I come to binrev several times a day, yet rarely post, usely to listen to old episodes or go into IRC. Ive tried cold turkey, the patch, the gum, yet nothing seems to work, I guess Ill just have to live with the addiction. Does anyone else wake up with voices of DDP member in their head, speaking to them?
  2. I have a BEFW11S4 Linksys Wireless Router and I was trying to find a 3rd party firmware for it that will allow it to act also as access point to connect to other unencrypted networks and also be able to use programs from my wired computer such as netstumbler using my wireless router. Does anyone know of any, so far I have only been able to find ones for Wireless G Router.
  3. It probally took me longer than it should have to realize that you were fucking with us, but I must know what name were you using in IRC and did you say much. I was so worried I even started a "Free Stank" campaign complete with "Free Stank" bumber stickers: http://www.undergroundleopard.com/freestank.jpg
  4. Great Job Stankdawg! Check out the "Free Stank" Bumper Sticker I worked so hard on: http://www.undergroundleopard.com/freestank.jpg
  5. Does anyone know of any good dvd to avi rippers, I have seem to have gone through 15, 20 programs and still have not found one that suits my needs. I'm really just trying to rip them into avi to be able to play my movies on my pocket pc, however I have some of which are one scratch away from being ruined thanks to my room mate.
  6. I use a program called VirtualDubMod, you can change pretty much change everything with the conversion. The other nice thing is that it is completly free and open source.
  7. Well what was lucky225 using to get the ANI and also what did he call to get the coin test? I am talking about DougTV, if you questioning that
  8. Well in 630 I don't know if you have to dial a 10 digit number, but I believe you do, and for 574 you have to if you are calling to another city even if you are on the same area code.
  9. I forgot but the telephone companies are both Verizon and 574 is located in Northern Indiana and 630 is located west of Chicago.
  10. Well the area code(s) I am looking for are 630 and 574 and I can't find them any where. I know 574 is a pretty new area code and I don't know about 630 because I just moved to the area.
  11. Does anyone know of a site with up to date ANAC number, I can't seem to find the one for my area code any where and all the list that I find seem to be from 2000-02 and ar most likely out of date. If not can anyone tell me of a way to social engineer it out of someone in the phone company?
  12. I recently moved into an apartment complex and I've been somewhat intrested in these call-in intercom systems (where you call a certian # in ref. to the apt #). I was wondering if anyone knew of any cool hacks that you can do with these.