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  1. Hey, watching Bones and I know sometimes TV shows or movies will put effects or programs already in the computer to look like it's actually create the effect. However, I don't know if the FBI uses like PhotoShop CS3 but that's actually a good program! Is there anything out there that does what FBI can do? Thanks!
  2. yeah, i had the same thing happen this girl named eye_linda did the same shit to me. But however, did some searching and turned out it was a scam. I warned everyone on myspace if anyone see this use or anyone to stay clear.
  3. God damn, gotta love Tineye.com they're the best! Yup, they were stolen pictures of Raven Riley. Now, the question is I did a email header search and it gave me somewhere on Russia, Moscow. Is there anything I could do like do an advance search to find the actually real person??
  4. I checked one of the image properties - under the camera model etc.. it doesn't say anything. Plus, i checked with some photos I know that were digital camera taken and it didn't ssay anything under Camera model. I do think that once a file is uploaded then downloaded it does alter the properties - not sure. However, I just checked to see a picture that I took from my camera with the HP file name and it tells me what model, etc.. So, my guess is that it was uploaded and basically do think it's a picture of raven riley - i could check the tinypic.com or tinpic.com or something. Someone gave me that URL once but I'm gonna use Google's help to find it. OH, here's the picture that the girl sent me.
  5. Hey guys, Haven't been on for awhile but me back! Anyways, this chick is sending me pictures and yes of course I know it's either a scam or a spam. She writes long and all her details and all her personal histry which I'm not really interested in. Like if I don't write her back - she'll continue writing. So, I copied the Email Message Header and did a Email Search and the email is from Russian, Moscow like she said. However, the photo's she sending are a random letter like before it was r_097.jpg or u_1555.jpg etc.. I'm wondering what program does that or what digital camera puts out that photo. Also, it looks to me it's pictures from Raven Riley. Is there any program that will match up pictures like if you wanted to match faces it will... Thnks guys! Hope you guys had a good thanksgiving!
  6. I like your Avatar PurpleJesus! I'm not a sociopath stalker if anyone is wondering.
  7. No, I don't live in Midlothian, IL. A friend does. I went to intellius.com and searched under my name. It gave me my brothers etc. I clicked on P. S_____ hoping it would be pulling up my brother Patrick. However, it didn't. It pulled up mine and said that I lived in Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA, Palos Park, Oak Lawn. I however never lived in San Diego, CA nor Chicago, IL. My brother did. Also, I looked up Kenneth and it pulled up my Dad but not my other Brother. WTF? Is Intellius lame or is it just me? Also, I was playing around with a friend testing out if I could get his location - I got the proximainty with Zabasearch, pipl, and Intellius. I like pipl alot as well as Zabasearch but however, Intellius is alittle secrew up. What I think is they don't update thier database alot. It could be just me though. However, google does have good results thought. I looked up my friend in Midlothian and i tpulled up EIU (Eastern Illinios University). Also, if I pull up my brother's from google it will give me the latest comments he's made on prevois sites. Also, social engineering works - it's wierd because I was talking to my friend that I was chatting on line and he has a email account. The server must of timed out because when I entered his security answer it said that I typed into the data incorrectly to many times which I could just clear the cookies. But then again, I don't want him to get pissed off at me though. Also, I found out you can reset Yahoo's password easily as well. I'm a noob to this whole hacking thing. When I was young I managed to connect a old walkie talkie to a land line using alligator clips. You couldn't talk into it but you could hear the person talking. It was cool. So if I wanted to get specific in my search with gogole would I have to put the search code like this: "John Doe Chicago, IL 60662" or (John Doe) Chicago, IL 60662 or I know yahoo uses this: firstname:John lastname:Doe I know you can do an email search by typing the person's email adress. Also I signed up for spokeo.com which looks kinda cool. Also did a google search on reverse lincense plate look up but it cost money. So, if I had to go with netdetective.com or govregistry.com or webdetective.com which one would be better? Or other sugguestions would help as well. -3v0lution
  8. I know a few that are good like www.pipl.com - www.whitepages.com - www.intellius.com However, I did a search on intellius and it gave me the same people that live in midlothian. One was age 34 and one was 27. So I clicked on the age 27 and it gave me results but she told people she had sisters. However, I did a search on myself and it gave me my brothers and my parents under the relative section. I was wondering why is that? Is there any good Lincense Plate Search you can do online? I know a few good email search engines but some of them will linke you to www.reunion.com or intellius.com which doesn't really provide me good information. If you konw any good people finder - email finder -lincense plate finders then let me know! 3v0lution
  9. There's a company which is kinda wacked out. it's called Trinity Services Inc. Isn't there a google hack to get not seen information. Alot of the employees and clients hate the organization because it's so stale. Thought it's like a major Health Provider but pays the employees like shit. For example, like if a client hits a staff - they will never call 911 because then they'll look bad. Also, they'll nip staff and client relationships in the but quick as shit. Also, tey'll threaten the clients to do what they want - which happened to me alot until they just gave up. Also, they put the stuff up to alot of shit - like having this one chick that I like talk to me about going to this retarded center. Plus, I noticed that like if a client dies due to either suicide, or maybe a natural death - you will not be able to find it on the net like in the obutaries of such. Plus, there's a news article that Herald News did a while back ago and you can't access that information or see the pictures. Ther has to be some how to see what is hidden right? 3v0lut10n
  10. I downloaded a picture from the girl's myspace then registered on Tineye but it didn't find anything. It told me that the database is still small. I however downloaded the toolbar. Also, not to mention I don't have the exact picture that I saw Craig have when he should it to his friends. Tineye is pretty impressive though.
  11. Hey There was a guy that took a picture of a girl I know. He had it on photo - also i heard that she was cheating withi him on her bf. There has to be pictures of her. Any idiot would upload them and I think he's an idiot. The thing is when I asked him when I met him - he just acted all cool and collected. So there has to be some pictures of her somewher eon the net. I'm using a bit torrent to see if there is any files shared - also, looked up in images.google.com and tried to do inurl:"Index Of" IMG##### jpg but nothing was found. Plus, don't konw I could find the guy either because I tried looking for his myspace and face book but found nothing. Any help thanks! 3v0lut10n
  12. Hey, I found that youtube has pretty shitty hack tutorials. Some are good like how to find someone's IP address, etc.. I created a test dummy account on Myspace and the only thing I would know is pretending to be someone else to gain access and browse through their private profiles. However, it's not actually accessing their account. I put my test dummy on private but before that I saved the source code from my public test dummy profile then did the same with my private test dummy profile. I could see there that most of the HTML code has changed. Also, there's some cool tricks to do but however, they only work on public profiles. For example like using picture slider to see pictures looks like this; 1) Open notepad. Insert this: <html><title>Testing</title><head></head> <body> <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="never" allowNetworking="all" height="230" width="445" align="middle" data="http://lads.myspace.com/photoshow/slideshow.swf"> <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="Never" /> <param name="allowNetworking" value="all" /> <param name="movie" value="http://lads.myspace.com/photoshow/slideshow.swf" /> <param name="quality" value="high" /> <param name="scale" value="noscale" /> <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> <param name="flashvars" value="userID=[users friendid]&bgColor=10079487&bgColor2=10079487&transitionSpeed=15&transitionStyle=a&showCaptions=0" /> </object> </body> </html> where it says [friendsid] you want to change it to someone's friend's id. 4) Save it on your desktop or something then run it using firefox or IE. it will show you all the pictures. Like I said it only works for public. Also, i noticed some profiles hide their friends from other people viewing them. Which again, this only works on public. http://friends.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewfriends&friendID=[friendsid] Do the same - just put the friend's id in the address bar after the &friendID= and you'll be able to see the friends list. Other than that, I don't know any more hacks to get into a private profile bsides putting up a false identity and requesting them. Is there a way? Thanks! 3v0lut10n