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  1. thats what I use on my windows box becuase I can't stand how windows looks. One bad thing about it is it has a default backround image that is in the C:/blackbox/bacrounds/ dir its called bg.png if you take that out and convert your wallpaper of choice to a png and then name it bg it will find that. The problem with it having a defualt wallpaper is that everytime it opens a full screen prog. it looks for that file and loads that. It might just be for counter strike cuase thats all I use my windows box for right now.
  2. the simon mall gift cards are nice, they do not ask you for any docs to get it or anything. You can get them on-line as well if you really need it but I don't think the shipping adress and stuff you give is tied to the card.
  3. I am thinking of getting a old Thinkpad for a laptop soon. I was thinking of getting an something in the 800mgz range. I was wondering whats the slowest thing you've run linux on that you could stand. i've run it on p1 200's before but that is unbareable, all the menues hung. IM thinking of useing something lightweight like enlightenment or fluxbox. I want to spend the lest amount of money I can for this thing. thanks.
  4. yes its the father in that book. A bunch of bands use it as the name for their clothing line(they also have macbeth shoes see the pattern) and people would allways ask me about the shirts and why they had a little dead bird on them so I just started useing it in games and stuff as a joke.
  5. AT my school we have some old P3 computers that we put linux on and put 3 ethernet cards in. We are trying to use this computer as a router to supply internet to two other computers. I know you have to use iptables and NAT but im am not shure what to do. Does anyone know of any good HOWTOs or wouldn't mind showing me or pointing me to a script so I can learn how to do it. Thanks
  6. Thanks, im doing it on a mini, I just want to try to get a basic install on it since there is only 3.7 gigs of space. Then im thinking of trying to put PPC linux on it.
  7. Has anyone tried to install OS X on an iPod, im try to do if but the installer will not see my iPod as a mounted device but Disk Helper in the install sees it but is having trouble mounting it. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.