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  1. I'm there right now, just saw this thread, I've been very busy and forgot to check and see what the deal was going to be with binrev folk.
  2. I is are am still yes alive yet very tired, later...!

  3. with vnc, my 770 comes in very handy for work actually, other than that, its a fun device.
  4. Ah, thats what I thought, but I'm trying to migrate over from a novell netware 6 server that allows this nonsense, I am running with it with the '_' removed, but I was wondering about any way to get it up. I guess this is just another thing novell is better doing because they do it ass backwards.
  5. A good question, I can't seem to run bind with an entry in a zone that contains an underscore, such as 'liberty_tree IN A ?.?.?.?' now I can tell it doesn't like this, since it won't start up, but I can't seem to find a way around this. I've been google`n for some time, but just can't find anything. I just figured I'd run it past you guys before I keep going.
  6. Damn, I haven't seen a good scan in a while. I feel the need to do one.
  7. Nice read, it reminds me how I always forget, from and apache error, to any other, to check my logs. I have this one friend who always complains that I keep forgetting about logs.
  8. I hope you are still alive and well. Haven't heard from you in a few months...

  9. Something like that happened with bell south in florida about 3 months ago, it took down all calls ( voip carriers, cellular, landlines, etc). It was a "core switch failure" from what I was told, although that could mean anything. I was also told they are "reloading the core software and tables," Since I was working at vonage at the, time people were bitching at me and i couldn't tell them that, but this sounds something like that. I live in NJ and my dsl access has been shaky for a bit today.
  10. Still, with a few exceptions, its right, 'from *this, to **this.' Plus its meant to be funny, which it was. *the ATT Logo ** the new att Logo
  11. I would gladly fill an envelope with assorted bills and possibly some gold bullion and mail it to you. Or click a donate link...
  12. Zoinks! ...But, having worked at voip company for some time, one that rhymes with pwnage, I can tell you that the call center staff can't be paid off for this stuff, but the actual network traffic isn't really that secure. Plus, just before I left, a new policy was put into place not to ask customer's their pins or passwords, only at risk of being fired would someone try it.
  13. I would have to agree, the nature of VOIP doesn't really allow for this to happen, at least not on the internet side, its all telco side.
  14. You have obviously thought this out too much for too long, but I'd have to agree with that.