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  1. I need UNLOCK6 please! Have a locked DV2000 power on password bought froma friend who doens't remember it! Marc So, thanks to dogber, I have resolved this issue at long last. His post here: allowed me to download the python script he created,, and it resolved it on the first try! He is my new ubernerd! Thanks Dogber!
  2. I found an Indonesian site mentioning bios_pw.exe (unlock6.exe ver 1.0 1 July 1997), d/l here: Unlock6.exe, Ver 1.0 - July 1997, but named Bios_pw.exe and hdd_pw.exe (unlock6.exe V1.1 2 May 2003) d/l here: unlock6.exe v1.1 2 May 2003 named hdd_pw.exe Password for both rar files is mamas86 I am not online here too often - these are not my files, so please don't ask me for support for them. If anyone is curious, neither one creates an unlock code for the HP Omnibook 4150 that was donated to my recycling program for kids. If anyone has a program that WILL generate an unlock code for the HP Omnibook 4150, the hash code is: 08285 and any help is greatly appreciated! TNM
  3. Hi TNM Try these ynwykij tys83xs 1y9sj1f Good Luck simplemind, Thank you very much. These codes did not work. Do you have an unlocker other than unlock6 that is supposed to work on an HP4150? If so, can you tell me what the file name is, please? A mention of where you got it would be nice, but obviously nothing is required. smokinXP: Thank you - the link is mostly for desktops that do NOT store their bios password in an eprom - unless I want to unsolder and resolder with a new one, I can't resolve this physically, I must have software. As mentioned in my previous post, unlock6 IS not for the Omnibook 4150 (though it does perform as advertised for the systems that it IS for!). I did download unlock6 just to check. Any and all help is appreciated! HP Omnibook 4150 -Hash code: 08285 - if anyone can unlock without charge (I recycle systems for needy children, and can't afford to pay for this fix), it would be greatly appreciated! TNM
  4. Well, unfortunately, clearcmos.exe can only be run if you can boot the system. This system does not store it's password in cmos, but in an eeprom, so the cmos battery trick will do nothing. JP9 is not present on this laptop (I don't recall ever having seen it on anything since an old PII, let alone a laptop). I hope that someone can help me with an unlocker other than unlock6, since it doesn't work for my HP Omnibook 4150. Hash code is 08285. TNM
  5. I also would like to know about other unlockers: specifically an HP Omnibook 4150, which is not covered by unlock6. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!