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  1. Even if that does work, the reserved bandwidth would be gained agenst the total theoretical bandwidth of your interface which is much less than your internet connection bandwidth. If you have a bottle necking on windows machines for apps running on your local network only, then this could be of use.
  2. thanks for the lead
  3. yes, cant find it anywhere. Or even much mention of it anywhere
  4. I was wondering if anyone has a copy of the Arris Password of the day utility? The utility uses an algorithm to generate a password, the EMTA's web server has a matching algorithm to authenticate agenst. It's to bring up advanced Diagnostics & data (no changeable settings I believe) for Arris Touchstone Telephony Modems (EMTAs). Unfortunately, I've gotten nowhere with this despite having a major leg up, I work for tech support for a major ISP who uses the EMTAs, Obviously I don't have access to the utility, someone I know who does have access to the utility wont allow me to use it (citing worries about his job security). I've also tried contacting Arris directly to try some social engineering, I've called both as a home user and "posing" as an ISP employee (even though I am, I called from outside of work). Both times no dice, I was brutally rebuffed when I called as an ISP employee. I am new a social engineering however. Any assistance anyone can give would be greatly appreciated Thanks