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  1. I'm a little late to this, so sorry if it's no longer relevant. Er no, I vaguely remember that the battery in BIOS is just to keep the clock going and (hopefully) accurate. Flipping it out and putting it back in shouldn't really do much. Try looking up the motherboard manual online- there should be some make and model information on the board - if it doesn't say anything on the screen when it boots. From the manual (or just by looking at the motherboard with a magnifying glass and a torch, you should be able to see a combination of pins labelled 'bios reset' - if you bridge them with say, a screwdriver or one of those little black jumper things (safer) and turn it on and off again, then remove them, it should factory reset the bios (which should also remove any password options). Hope this advice helps and wasn't too late. BTW: should have more detail.
  2. Just curious was it a UK based company, and the caller you spoke with, was she from the UK or had a foreign accent? It was a company in the USA, allegedly. It's one of those 'you've won a chance to have a free holiday' bullshit things. She gave me the website address which was a Mexican resort, if I remember right. She did have an American accent. I called BT about it and they said that whilst it wasn't against the law to call from the USA to the UK and pester me, it in fact was illegal to spoof the caller ID, which is interesting, I didn't know that. Still, they haven't called me back. Apparently there's an ongoing investigation or something, because they're pissing an awful lot of us Brits off.
  3. Hello peeps. So I've been looking for Java jobs in my area again and as you can imagine, I get an butt-load of pain-in-the-ass recruitment agents calling me up specifically to waste my time and try to SE a list of companies that need Java coders from me, the top annoying questions they ask are: So who have you been working with, what was his name again? Or can I get your references now, so I can check them out ahead of time? [so I can call them up and bother them, ask them if they need coders, etc and generally annoy them at your expense.] Can you give me a list of places you've applied, just so I know not to resend your CV to them (not that they should ever send your CV out without your consent anyway)? [so I can then call each and every one of them to send over a bunch of other Java coder's CVs to them, hurting your chances but improving my chance of getting a nice big fat commission.] At this point I usual politely deflect the question and don't fall for it, they sense this and then say their goodbyes and although they promise to send that job spec they talked about, they never do - the job was a lie, they just needed to get you talking. They failed, so they'll move on. Anyway, this one guy at this one agency really got my back up by doing this same crap to me, twice. So, how can I have a little fun with him? Nothing illegal, just something to embarrass him a bit? Any ideas? I was mulling over the idea of raising a formal complaint but to be honest it's not worth it, I was just thinking of making him a little red-faced. IDK. ...or maybe I should just let it go like I always do... /sigh.
  4. Yes, I think there's a fine line between generating incentive and fraud. I suspect that most of what goes on regarding trying to con horny guys into signing up for a service they're most likely not interested in and won't pursue once they're done receiving the 'prize at the end' could be considered fraud? I mean, if you look at it from the sponsors point of view.
  5. They've made all the UK government data freely available.... cool!

  6. Hello, So I noticed a recurring pattern on a website I occasionally frequent, lets just summarise it thus: 1 encourage perverts to click link 2 perverts fill our survey 3 ??? 4 Profit. So I looked at one of these more reputable (if they can be called that) survey sites, to see what you can get for refering someone to fill out a survey and so far I worked out that you'd be earning roughly like $5 an hour, for spending your time in a mind-numbing way. Do people seriously get rich pulling crap like this, and if so, how? Just curious...
  7. Spoke to a live sales agent, asked her what her name and company were called, she replied, found the web site. She also asked if something was wrong, I said yes, I'm on the do-not-call list... 'oh'... /click. So I faxed them a white on black 20 page opinion of what I think of their calling practices.
  8. Exactly... is a site about joining rubber together for construction or is it a german shister porn site?
  9. Exactly a bill like this sneaks in under the guise of 'protecting the kids' and then gets amended and amended until before you know it, all hacking, activist, protest or whatever sites the government of the day doesn't like get added to the block list. For that matter, the block list could be abused by people with a grudge. I know you can 'opt in' for pr0n under the proposal but seriously... who'd want to do that. Ah, I could rant for days on this but I don't think it'll ever see the light of day, it's just too impractical.
  10. Yeah, blame everything but the parents... First it was music (Rock and Roll) then TV then video games, now the internet. I wonder what will be next... Canada? I actually did watch the whole thing, I think when something like this gets proposed you should go onto red alert and do everything you can to discourage it because these things have a nasty habit of clinging on and getting in the back door if you're not careful. Reading the comments on the vid cracked me up. I hope the MP will stop by and read them at some point - as soon as she figures out how to get on the tubez.
  11. So this woman MP has got sand in her about pr0ns on the net and kids getting access to it and as usual, the responsiblity for protecting our childrenz is being forced onto the ISPs. This is a video of her proposal - note how there's only 8 people listening. She was dumb enough to post it on Youtube and not dissable the comments, lol, enjoy: Favourite quote: We use a certificate system for TV, why not the internet? Oh, BTW: I am not in any way suggesting that kids should have access to porn, just that its the parents responsibility to educate them / bring them up properly / use their judgement.
  12. I miss BinRev radio...

  13. Really? I thought that was the whole point of the scam? I could try it I guess and just make a note of the date and time and check my phone bill later but it's a little scary... I have to admit when it comes to phones, I am a total n00b.
  14. Hello, So I keep getting called from these scammers who want me to press 9 so I can win a chance to get a holiday on mars or something - it gets tiresome... I've been trying just to work out which company is actually doing the calling. The caller ID is of course, spoofed (02030265001 - which is registered to SIMWOOD ESMS LTD but not active). BT have agreed to put a trace on the line but have already warned me that it's most likey comming from the USA or something and in which case 'they don't have the technology' to trace the call (WTF)? IS there any way I can work out who the hell these people are without actually pressing 9 and risking a huge phone bill? EDIT: oh, btw: I am in the UK.