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  1. That's the same thing happening out here. I wouldn't say half the phones are gone, but yes more have been removed recently. The same company has taken them over here too.
  2. Now it's happening here om Dallas - a COCOT company has been taking them over.
  3. He's pretty much out of this scene.. was there something in paticular you needed to ask him?
  4. Thanks for looking into it. I'll avoid it.
  5. There appears to be a new service similar to Phonehog. It is Has anybody tried it yet?
  6. Ooh! Ooh! Can I be a moderator? :devil:
  7. 1920s southwestern bell book:
  8. Well, more specifically, I meant the calling cards they sell at Wal-Mart. I'm sorry, it passes your ANI, not your caller ID. I do have automatic line blocking on my line, so it didn't get my caller ID information.
  9. I found this one out the hard way. So if you were planning on using it to hide your phone number, you'll have to buy a different calling card now.
  10. AT&T being SBC of course. Wow.
  11. It always passed the number here in Dallas. No big loss for me.
  12. :blowfuse: If only I still lived in Dallas...
  13. Used to live in Dallas, now I live in Grand Prairie. We have a 1AESS too!! 972-262 is one of the exchanges in this area that has a 1aess. PM me. Oh yeah, that's my old area too. Lost job, had to move in with my wife's parents. This so weird that my CO has this many people interested in it.
  14. Skytel still exists as a company, yes. It seems like they are affiliated with Verizon Buisness now.